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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sewing in the living room.
Making some last minute mug
rugs, gift bags, and angels from Lace.

I used scraps of Material from other projects to make the mug rugs (for put-
ing your mug on with a snack.)  They are washable and have thin batting
between the layers. Angel bodies are just gathered lace and eyelet trim. You can use a pom-pom for the face and use as a gift tie on,  put a pin backing on it, or hang on the tree. The little gift sac is enhanced with a free graphic from the Graphics Fairy. I just cut oblongs without a pattern for these and rounded the bottoms when sewing the mug rugs for the guys and just stitched them with square corners for the gals.

The Deer mug rugs are for my son-in-law and grandson who hunt. The blue Christmas
print is for my granddaughter and I quilted a tree shape on it. The beige with quilt square is for one of my daughters.
Here's a great idea, I wanted to display the candy canes and I decided to use my vintage green flower frog!  I just love the way it looks and worked perfectly!

I gathered the sewing scraps
for making the wax paper gift
wrap.  I was just experiment-
ing but want to try some more
with freezer paper for the back layer and using flower petals, etc. for more elegant paper.

I used a large man's handkerchief to press the layers together so you do not get wax on the iron.

Add caption

I just randomly put the scraps between layers.  This makes
clear wrap.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Wrapping paper tip...

Running out of Christmas Wrap?  This morning when I was suffering from sleep deprivation (Ha!) I watched HGTV around 5 a.m.  The gal showed how to make wrapping paper with wax paper that you buy on the roll for the kitchen. 

She put bits of string or yarn across the paper, put a second paper on top and Ironed using a piece of cloth over the top.  The wax will adhere the two sheets together and you will have clear wrap with the yarn design through it.  She also showed doing this with freezer Paper as the back, thread or yarn on top and then the layer of wax paper.  This made a very nice wrap with the colors of thread and yarn showing nicely on the white background.

So now of course, my mind is whirling thinking of pressed flowers between layers or any other thing I can find; postage stamps?  photos printed out in miniature on regular Xerox paper and cut out?  Etc, Etc!  I am hoping to make some of this paper and I will post for you when done but just had to share right now-ha! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hymnal Page Wreath

I have always wanted to make one of these wreaths that I have seen on other blogs and finally took the time to do it!  I absolutely love it! 

Dollar Store Grape or straw wreath (mine is grape vine)
Graphic of Santa printed out. (Source:  The Graphics Fairy)
Pages from an old hymnal ( you can usually find these at church book sales)

Print out your Santa Graphic in the size you desire.  I used a whole typing sheet.

Mount on cardboard ( use sides of cereal box)

Hot glue the wreath to the picture centering Santa.

Cut a hymnal page into quarters

Curl the page piece with your fingers making a cone and glue with glue stick.

Make as many of these cones as you want to fill the wreath.  I used two rows of these.

Then hot glue them onto the wreath in layers. ( I went once around and then made       another row on top of the first one.)

Just use a pipe cleaner wrapped around the top of the wreath for a hanger and finish with a bow placed at whatever point you would like it.

The result:

I have seen so many variations of this wreath and you could make it of any pocketbook pages but it is more meaningful at this time of year with the hymnal pages.
You could make these wreaths any time of year with whatever scene as the graphic in the middle to match the season or holiday.  I think it would make a stunning gift and even in a smaller size.
HAPPY HOLIDAY CRAFTING!!  Come again soon for more ideas, sources and more!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


UH-HUH!  You heard right, I made a creche display from a pizza box.  The box is from a pizza I bought at the grocery store-ha! 
   It already had the arched cutout.  I immediately thought of the manger scene and covered it with Christmas wrapping paper. 
   All the little creche figures are ones I purchased at the dollar store, $1.00 for the set a few years ago. 
>I put colored paper inside the bottom of the box and then raffia for anchoring the figures. 

>I poked a hole in the back and hung the angel with thread under her wings and back through the hole. 

>The candles are from the dollar store also and work on 2 AA batteries. 

>The cow and donkey under the creche were odd pieces I found over the years.

   This project took about 15 minutes - tops!  It makes a cute little display on the bookcase near the front door.  Can you think of any other way you could use the Pizza box??  Maybe a fireside Santa scene?  Or your children could draw figures and cut them out.  Then paste to the back of the box.....

If you make one of these, please send me a picture to feature, I would love that! 

My heart to yours...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sharing more hand made cards from Graphic and photographs.
Don't forget to visit previous post for sources for graphics.
The Swan pictures are ones I took in our backyard lake.  I printed them out on regular xerox paper and then drew a bow and holly with gel pens, on the Swan's neck to make him Seasonal.

These are vintage graphics that I made into iron-ons on the computer.  My Iron On paper was old though and one of them would not peel off of the fabric (white cotton).  I used it anyway and like the ragged effect.  I then wrote Merry Christmas on them and added a button to embellish.  Not sure if I will glue them onto a card or make a little gift bag of them.

Or you could glue them onto a jar with cookie ingredients or filled with candy, cocoa, tea, coffees or what ever you can think of.
This is the one with the ragged edge, turns out I like this one best! Ha!
These are made from Graphics and cut out with scalloped craft scissors, embellished with gel pens, stickers and matching envelopes with sprays of flowers.  Blank cards can be purchased at any craft store and also at Wal-mart stores.

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You can right click and copy this graphic to use.  IT is so sweet...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Card

This is my card made from images from "The Graphics Fairy". I cut out the image with scalloped craft scissors, glued it to a blank card.  I then enhanced all the colors, e.g. berries and leaves, with my gel ink pens.  I scribbled with my Red pen and then wrote Merry Christmas over the scribbles.
   I cut out a spray of greens from another card and glued it to the side of the card.  I did the same with the envelope by cutting out a spray of blue vine and flowers and glued it to the flap.  I love the way this came out and made two.
  The Graphics Fairy provides free graphics very generously on every subject you can think of!  I just love all the vintage images.  Check it out.

More pictures:

This one has the green sprig at the side.  When using gel pens to enhance, be careful not to smear your image as they remain moist for awhile.  I blotted as I went along and then let them dry well. 
     Another great source for images is Dame Penniwig's Both of these blogsites provide images for your use totally free.  I have used them for years. 

You can buy blank cards at Wal-mart, A.C. Moore or Michael's Craft stores. 

Have a most wonderful day and please come back soon!
Krafty Hugs from KERRIE♥

Friday, December 3, 2010


This is my Shelf sitting Santa made from a Milk Jug:
This is how I made him:

You can either paint the legs and boots or cover with felt.  I painted my legs in all black to look like the boots.  I cut the arms in a mitten shape before adding the cotton cuff and felt.  This is one of my favorite decorations and very easy to make.  Children and grandchildren love it and they can easily help with the assembly under supervision.  Questions?  Please comment - Thanks!
     Happy Crafting!
My heart to yours...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts for my Granddaughters

Two of my granddaughters are in college, the same college.  One is a Freshman this year and the older one is a Junior.  They are very creative, they are involved in music, writing, drama and much much more!  This year the Oldest one has been the stage manager for several plays presented to the public.  The Younger one helped with Production.  Since they both loved theater, I decided to make them something simple that they would appreciate and came up with these bookmark/ornament for them both.
   I drew a Theater Mask of Comedy and Tragedy, colored it with my colored ink pens and cut it out in an oval. 
   I put it between 2 pieces of cellophane I had saved from a greeting card.  I cut the oval around the picture. 
   I punched a hole for a ribbon and reinforced the hole with 2 reinforcers on each side.  
   I used fabric ribbon to make the tie.
  The envelope is just a standard white and I wrote the name on it and drew a little ink bottle as Kelsey is a writer.  She wrote an entire autobiography in 10th grade!  Both girls want to be teachers.

I did the same with Sarah's but changed the colors of the ink to purple and lavender.  And on her envelope I put the quote marks as music notes as Sarah is a violinist, pianist, plays guitar and sings!!

I will use these as Money holders for Christmas and they can be used as bookmarks or on the bulletin boards in their dorm.  They even get to share the same dorm room!

You can find Drama masks on line to give you an idea and if you cannot draw yourself, there are many that are royalty free graphics that you could print and use.  What are your children and/grandchildren interested in?  This is a great way to make your own Money card holder with an added personal touch!

2.  The best way to make Ribbon Roses:

   Buy Ribbon with wire in it. 
   Strip a little of the fabric away from the wire on one side of the ribbon. 
   Then Pull the wire and ribbon away from each other as though you were     gathering a piece of material. 
   When you have enough gathered to twist around itself to form a flower, wrap the wire around the gathered base and pull tight.

The pink Ribbon I had already made up but today I bought the red and was happy with its result.  I pinched each of the rows of petals just a little to get the desired result.  I liked the way this ribbon was darker on the borders as it looked like natural rose shading.

Come back soon and I hope you are inspired to make something.  There is such gratification in seeing a project that you have completed
and given as a gift.  There is so much pleasure derived from giving...


My heart to yours...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lot for A Little...

One of my on-line friends was telling how she saw a cup and saucer with greens in it and it was something under $200. so she went to the dollar store, bought 2 little evergreen trees, used her own cup and saucer and it looked nicer!  Not to be outdone, I loved this idea so much, I picked up 2 little trees at A.C. Moore for 99cents each and used my own cup and saucers.  I bought 2 sprigs of holly @49cents each, cut them up to decorate the trees and Wa-lah!  I love the end result!!!  Send me pictures of what you can do with this crafty idea!!!

My kitchen does not have this yellow all-over glow but apparently my camera thinks it does!  Day pictures never have the glow and the walls are actually a creamy beige but the camera told me otherwise. LOL!
   My cups were not quite deep enough for the little stands on the trees to fit down inside them.  So I put a paper napkin in first and then the tree base and it worked fine. 
   Hope you like this idea as much as I did and I am sure you will come up with something gorgeous spending more time with this than I did.  But it was great fun!
Come back and see me soon!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ornament Card

Now my inspiration for this card is really going to make you laugh, I guarantee it!  Ha!  Try guessing before you scroll down the page.
Okay!  My daughter took the top
off a box of boutique tissues and knowing
I can see a craft in ANYTHING, she said "here you go Mom!"

I immediately saw an ornament shape in the oval pull out!  I came out to my computer/crafting desk and created the ornament card by cutting around the oval with my craft scissors to make a scalloped edge, rounding only one end.  Then I drew around the shape with a black pen.  Next I added the drawing of the extended bottom part with colored pens.  At the top, I just drew a circle and suggestion of what the top of an ornament looks like with the ring to hang it from.  I then wrote Merry Christmas across the ornament and -DONE!  I can write a personal note inside and send to a friend.  What do you think?  Can you think of another way to feature this part of the tissue box??  And when the box is empty, I will use the sides to create more goodies--Easter Eggs maybe?? Ha!
                 Hugs to you from a happy crafter,
                 My heart to yours...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Prayer-crafts

Here is a Thanksgiving prayer for you to copy and make place cards for the table or for a card. 
Just copy and save to your photo program and then print to the size you desire.  There should be choices in your photo program.
And here are some more graphics for your crafting...

Hope you have fun creating with these!  I would love to see pictures of what you create!


    My heart to yours....