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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golden Autumn is coming....

Golden Autumn is coming soon! And my crafty mind is whirling-ha!  A little gold craft paint and some materials from nature and I have instant fall decor!  Here is a little cluster of leaves that fell from the Live Oak tree in the neighbor's yard.  It even had the acorns attached.  I painted the leaves front and back with gold acrylic paint and gave the acorns a touch of orange color.

When we were on our trip to Auburn, NY, I picked up these dried plants from the field across the road from the house we stayed in at the Lake.  I do not know the name of them but an insect causes these round galls to form and they make great decorations for fall bouquets or just in a floor vase all by themselves.

Dried thistle can also be used and I also picked some of them but need to spray paint them with gold as it is impossible to paint them with a brush-ha!
See what you can gather up to give a touch of paint and warm your home for fall.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Utensils

Do you have vintage utensils that have sentimental value like I do?  Or do you just like picking them up at garage sales because they remind you of when you were little?  I have a little bit of both.  I have this one spatula that was my Mom's and I couldn't part with it.  But it had no ethereal value whatsoever.  So one day I decided to paint on the handle with acrylic paint, nothing fancy, just a suggestion of farm buildings and trees and this was the result:

Here it is hanging on the wall near the stove area in the kitchen.  And then I had an old wood handled can opener that I picked up at a sale.  I also painted a mountain scene on it and this is how that came out:
To finish off, I had hubby varnish the handles and that brought out the colors nicely and the detail.  This is such a fun project and if you are a good painter, you could paint a little spray of flowers on the handles or sayings with vine and flowers, use your imagination.  These little touches make a vintage kitchen utensil into a keepsake and even a housewarming gift!  If you try this, please send me a picture as I would love to see your creations! 
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crafting tips and cards

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Today I want to share the great ideas for making your own cards.  I pick up paint samples whenever I visit Lowe's or Home Depot.  They have such a great variety of colors and textures.  I use them for cutting out flower petals and for labels on my home made greeting cards .  I will show you below.  I always save cards sent to me that have see-through designs and then in turn use them for templates to cut shapes for my cards. I use an old ink pen that has run out of ink to trace with and that way you do not have to worry about Ink or pencil marks on your cut-outs.

If you enjoyed this little tutorial, please leave a comment and I will work on some others for you.
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