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Thursday, July 28, 2011


GOOD MORNING!!  I had trouble joining the squares on the Pinwheel Pattern quilt I am making and my sweet sister who has much more experience in quilting than I have has come to my rescue with some really good advice so I am sharing it with you.

   "Here's hoping this works. You may have lots of solutions by now but here are mine. It is impossible to cut any pattern on the straight of the goods...except the binding along the sides. it is all in the handling and pressing. During the sewing of pieces try not to pull on them.When pressing it is important not to move the iron back and forth.Put the piece on the board and "finger press" carefully ...the seams. Then Just put the iron on the piece and just press with out moving the iron back and forth.When putting the pieces together do the same ...handle with care. If it looks like it is a little short you can cheat by pulling at this time. If it is a little long you can fit it in. It may look wrong but you can press it. All pressing should be with steam.When putting the pieces together to make the pattern if they are not the same size You can square them up by trimming a smidgen. Before I cut any pieces out I press the fabric first
but only press.. not move the iron.Also let the pieces dry if they are a little damp.Your piece looks beautiful so far. 

Hope this helps. Love you, Mary"

Don't ya just love having an older sister?? ♥

Sure hope this will help anyone else out there that has had problems with joining pieces like I did!  Come again soon!  And if you have time, check out my other blogs with links in my sidebar-Thanks!

My Krafty heart to yours...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Collage of Favorite things....

Wishing for rain and doodling with altered art collage.  (These can be photographed and used on the face of your homemade cards, framed, or put in scrapbook page).  We need rain so badly and the thunder can be heard near by.  the skies darkened but now the sun is out without a drop of rain! 
   I was day-dreaming and made this little collage of some of my favorite things...

I adore this little vintage card with the girl pouring milk for her kitten!  I started with that card and then added things as I went along...

I collect Bird feathers all the time and others bring them to me as they know this, (smile).
And leaves, I love leaves!  This one had so many points and I do not know what tree it came from but it is pretty!  My daughter brought it to me.

This is a vintage spoon print from a magazine and I chose these drab greenish buttons because they seemed to go with the soft colors of the drying leaf and card.

Then I added the steel crochet hook that is very old, a bitty little shell and then I wrote on the paper and glued a feather at the end of the writing as though it were a quill pen that wrote.
Once I took the picture of my collage to print out and frame or put in a scrapbook, I disassembled it as I did not want to glue the card to the surface or the vintage crochet hook, either, as I still use it.  Picture taken, I then made a smaller collage by using some of the pieces from the first.
   I liked this one, too with some of my crocheting, thread, thimble and cutting out my writing to lay across the sheet.  After I was satisfied with this picture, I removed all but the writing, leaf with little cow picture and spoon print.  I cut out the paper around the points of the leaf to make it more interesting and put it on my Bulletin Board.  Such fun!  You must have favorite things you can collage for pictures to print or scrapbook fun or for card making.  I would love to see what you come up with.  Feel free to copy and paste the vintage card of the little girl and her kitten and use it for yours.
  Thank you so much for coming and do come again soon!  If you have time, please visit my other blogs with the links in the sidebar.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paper Roses♫

REMEMBER THE SONG, PAPER ROSES? My Mom used to make crepe paper roses all the time and they looked so real!  Mine are much smaller but here is how to make them!

Supplies:  Floral wire and tape (craft store), stick glue, crepe paper,scissors.
I like this package of wire as it comes with its own cutter.
Begin by cutting an irregular circle from the crepe paper.
   This is what it will look like.  It is now ready to begin rolling.  Hold the center with one hand and start twisting the paper  wrapping the petals as you go along.  I tack it with stick glue while wrapping and pinch the bottom of the flower while I am wrapping.
When I am finished wrapping, I glue the bottom of my rose with the stick glue again.
   Next I add the floral wire overlapping it at the base of my rose and start applying the floral tape around the base of the rose and the wire and start twirling with my thumb and index finger.  As you stretch the floral tape, it becomes sticky and will adhere to the wire and base of the rose.

Continue rolling and twisting until you reach the bottom of your stem.

   These work up very quickly once you get the hang of twirling the rose and then the floral tape around the wire.  You can make a bouquet in no time!
I did not have green paper to make leaves but will show you that another time.  They are even easier to make!
   We finished our Lighthouse paintings and I think Hubby did a great job on his, I love it and cannot wait to frame and hang it.

Hubby has been having a rough time of it lately with the chemo and meds but we are hoping he will feel better soon.  He sleeps a lot due to the meds and he hates not being able to get outside as our SC temps have been so hot as is normal in July and August. Thank you so much for visiting today and When my pinwheel quilt is finished I will post a picture.  Do visit my other blogs if you have time, the list is in my sidebar.  Have a most wonderful and Krafty day!! Hugs,
My Krafty heart to yours...