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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cathedral Window Quilt

This is my Cathedral Window quilt that I have been working on literally for years!  My Mom gave the pattern to me in the 90's.  She passed in 2000.  It is all sewn by hand and not made in the new quick pattern some others use.  I can give you an easy way to do one if you care to have a pattern.  Please leave a comment.  Anyhow this pattern is made from 4 small squares joined to make one large one and then the printed material is sewn in by turning the overlap of contrast color on 4 sides.  Sewing by hand is very time consuming and I usually only worked on it in the winter when having it on my lap was not too warm-ha!  To finish, I just pinned on the rest of the lavender centers and will now make the window on them~about 40 squares to finish.  I really love this pattern and quilt and it has a lot of sentimentality sewn in because my Mom gave me the pattern.  Every stitch is sewn in love.  A detailed photo is at the bottom of this page.
   Yesterday after the night rain, the Gladiola blossoms had fallen over on their stem from the great weight of the flower.  Hubby clipped one and brought it in the house for me (smile).  One blossom fell off and I put it in a little vintage candy glass boot near my computer so I could enjoy it for the day.

Thank you for visiting and come again soon and often.  And if you would like me to post the pattern for a simpler version of the Cathedral Window pattern, just comment.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


LOVE MY YO-YO QUILT!  it only took about 8 yrs. to get it all together-ha!  My Mom (who passed in 2000), my sister, my daughter and I all made Yo-yo's through the years of the peach and pretty printed materials.  I was not sure what I would do with them but had seen one in magazine that had been sewn together with no backing  and used as an overlay on their bed spread. 
 I decided to back mine and actually used heavy linen shower curtain material to back it.  This made it so heavy that I did not need batting at all.   Every yo-yo is hand stitched and sewn onto the backing .  Then Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon machine stitching in rows over all the yo-yo's at their radius.  I still need to do some hand sewing here and there but I am really pleased with the finished Quilt which will be going on my 4-poster bed as a topper. 
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Friday, June 25, 2010


Just finished a crib size quilt top quilt 40" x 40".  I just love the way it came together as all my previous quilts were done by hand with thread and needle!  I am still working on 2 of them and it has been years! ha! I made this one in 2 days!  It is backed with pink flannel with white flowers on it.  It has quilt batting between the layers and the back was rolled to the front on all edges to make the border.  I really, really enjoyed working on this one.  Washed, it will be so fluffy and cozy!

I used unbleached cotton muslin for the plain squares and a package of precut color printed quilt squares 4 x 4 inches.  The flannel backing was from my stash and worked perfectly for the backing.  I would definitely use the pre-cut butterfly and striped/solid color squares again.  Just loved working on this quilt!
Offering this quilt for $45.00 plus postage of 8.00. PayPal link is in my sidebar.
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(Please NOTE that this quilt has several buttons attached secured by strong quilting thread. If you feel that they are a choking hazard, do not use for children unless you cut the buttons off by cutting ON TOP of the stitch through the button.  Thank you!)


Sunday, June 20, 2010


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MY CRAFTY HUBBY!!!  Here he is working on a new model airplane.

Papa's girls Barb and Chris
New sprinkler head for the garden.
Happy Father's Day to all you Crafty Father's out there!  Have a wonderful day!

Come again soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I JUST LOVE THIS PATTERN FOR FABRIC FLOWERS THAT I GOT FROM MARY AT NEEDLED MOM  The flower went together so easily and looked wonderful setting on the table.  I used some old sheet material I had just to try one and I loved the way it came out!  I used an orange button for the center.  Mary makes a little rolled fringe center and the button as you can see by clicking on her blog above.  She has a great blog and I hope you will visit her often.  Thanks Mary!

I hope you will try one of these lovely flowers and tell Mary I sent you over!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Earrings and cards...

I do so love making the crocheted earrings and greeting cards!!  I made a pair for myself and got many compliments on them.  They are soaked in doily stiffener to make them durable.
  To see more crocheted earrings and greeting cards, pls visit my Etsy Shop, link is in sidebar.

Hubby is working on a model airplane.

He is enjoying this old hobby anew when our brother-in-law prompted a new interest in some good old fashioned fun!  He sent Bill this kit, it is a beauty and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Thanks Jack!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crocheted and beaded Earrings

Today was much more productive!  I finished 4 sets of earrings (one has a pin to match).  Some are fine crochet creations and some are pearls and beads.  I do not have patterns for these but rather create them from scratch.  I was pleased with the outcome.   To see each set, please visit my Etsy Shop in the sidebar.  THANKS!!  Happy crafting!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just finished this set of 4 dishcloths/napkins.  The pretty blue stripe dishcloths were purchased and then I embellished them with 2 rows of fine shell crochet stitch.  Doing dishes has never been more elegant!!  OR they may be used as elegant napkins for your dinner guests!  Look how pretty they are at a table setting!  There are many hours of work with fine crochet thread to complete these lovely napkins, but well worth the effort.  Each measures a big 13" x 13" square and the crocheted 2 row shell border measures 1/2 inch.  What a great housewarming or special wedding shower gift!  I will feature these on my Etsy Shop (link in side bar) or you may purchase right from this site by clicking on the PAYMENT METHOD BUY NOW button Also in the sidebar.  Set of 4  is $17.50 and that price INCLUDES postage!
   I hope these have inspired you if you are also a crocheter and I would love to see some of your own creations.  A matching set of kitchen towels would be lovely!Thanks for looking and come again soon!