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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cathedral Window Quilt

This is my Cathedral Window quilt that I have been working on literally for years!  My Mom gave the pattern to me in the 90's.  She passed in 2000.  It is all sewn by hand and not made in the new quick pattern some others use.  I can give you an easy way to do one if you care to have a pattern.  Please leave a comment.  Anyhow this pattern is made from 4 small squares joined to make one large one and then the printed material is sewn in by turning the overlap of contrast color on 4 sides.  Sewing by hand is very time consuming and I usually only worked on it in the winter when having it on my lap was not too warm-ha!  To finish, I just pinned on the rest of the lavender centers and will now make the window on them~about 40 squares to finish.  I really love this pattern and quilt and it has a lot of sentimentality sewn in because my Mom gave me the pattern.  Every stitch is sewn in love.  A detailed photo is at the bottom of this page.
   Yesterday after the night rain, the Gladiola blossoms had fallen over on their stem from the great weight of the flower.  Hubby clipped one and brought it in the house for me (smile).  One blossom fell off and I put it in a little vintage candy glass boot near my computer so I could enjoy it for the day.

Thank you for visiting and come again soon and often.  And if you would like me to post the pattern for a simpler version of the Cathedral Window pattern, just comment.



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog (Rays of Sunshine). I love your blog, I LOVE your cathedral window quilt. I started one last year (so not done or even close). I've made pillows but I really want to have a quilt. Seeing yours is giving me inspiration. Have to go pull it out. Have a blessed evening.

  2. Beautiful colors in the Cathedral Window Quilt!

    I've been making CW's by hand since the year 2000...many wallhangings, some pillows and several large quilts. In other words, it became a passion and I could not stop.

    Your entire blog is very lovely! Keep up the beautiful work!


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