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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teddy Bear by Kerrie

I have been making these bears since the 1970's for friend and family as well as to sell in a little shop I owned in my hometown.  They are made with unbleached muslin, polyfiberfill stuffing, hand embroidered face and satin bow.  This one is for a little girl named Nina and I have put her name on the red heart that the ribbon is hiding.  So these can be personalized.  Bear is completely washable and dryer safe.  These are not only good for little ones but teens like them for an Autograph Bear for their friends to sign.   Mine is autographed on the back side by me, the maker :^)

The Kerrie Bear is semi posable with floppy arms and legs.  He or she is 18"from ear to toe tip and 13" from paw tip to paw tip.  Can be dressed in infant clothes. This is a really fun and cuddly bear!
The pattern is difficult in that all the arms and legs have to be stuffed and pinned inside of the torso and then pulled back through the neck opening before stuffing the body, and adding the head.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my little bear.  If you would like to order one with someone's name on the heart, please e-mail me.  I hope to have some available made up for my Etsy Shop (link in sidebar) very soon and I can personalize at the time of purchase by adding the name on the heart.
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*These bears are priced at $20.00 plus postage  and handling.

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