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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paper Plate gifting Box

   Another great easy project!   I cannot wait to make some of these!

Isn't this great??  Enjoy!

What to do with one sock

Loving this little kitty made from the "other" sock when the washer ate the other one-ha!  These would make a great tuck in gift for any age.  Good way to use up old children's socks, too. 

Enjoy!!  My Krafty heart to yours....

PS:  Choose Acorn Pumpkin in my sidebar to see them, so cute!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mile a Minute Crochet Afghan

I love this Mile a Minute Crochet Afghan!!  I just downloaded the video for you and will post it in the side bar. Cooler weather will be coming soon and this will be a great one to work on for yourself or as a gift!  Crochet away!!

Would love to see your finished project.

My krafty heart to yours....

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paper roll recycle craft

The look of metal but made with cardboard rolls from your paper towels or toilet paper rolls!
My little neighbor and I made these designs by cutting the rolls crosswise in 1/2 inch pieces and then pinching them on each end to create a leaf shape.

Then we hot-glued them together in the shape we wanted and waited for them to dry.  Next I bought flat spray paint and sprayed them inside of a cardboard box.  When they were dry, this is what we created: 
From this......
To this:
And this:

Lots of fun and kids love these kinds of crafts!  Thanks for coming and do come again.  Leave a comment, they make my day!

My Krafty heart to yours...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pen and Ink Portraits, pets, Motorcycle riders

GOOD MORNING!  I am posting this too late for Father's day gifting but wanting to remind you of my pen and ink drawings from photos that I create.  This one below is of Richard Petty for you Nascar fans out there!  If you are interested in having a portrait made from your photo's, please comment or e-mail me, thanks!

I have some on hand that I can make prints from that I have created in the last few years.  I first began drawing these portraits because my late husband was a die-hard racing fan and I enjoyed watching the races with him while crocheting or working on other projects as I cannot be idle-LOL!

Thank you for stopping by today and do come again soon!  My head injury is healing more rapidly now and I am hoping that the hair will grow back over it ..... or I will have to create one of those side comb over hair-do's-ahaha!

My Krafty heart to yours, 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I had an accident

Please go to to read of my accident falling down stairs.  I will be posting again soon.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Watering Pot

Here is a really easy yard craft for you!  Buy a watering pot, you can even use a toy one and different colors.

 2. Fill with dirt and plants that will trail down when grown.  I used Vinca vine and Asparagus fern.

3. String beads through the spout for water droplets.  My spout did not unscrew so I just tied 4 different lengths of beads to the neck.  I bought the short crook at Lowe's for 5.00.  This is the corner of my front porch beside the sun porch.  I just love it!

Just for fun, I took petals from the Tulip tree that had blown into the lawn from the beautiful tree next door and made them look like bunny ears.

 I drew faces for them-ha!  This would be fun to do with the kids and see the faces they come up with.

For lots of pinks, go to How sweet the Sound for PINK Saturday!
One more pink I am working on all in one knit top for baby:
This is so much fun, cannot wait to see it finished!

Thank you for visiting today!  Come again soon...

Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello crafty people!  Just had to share this great and easy idea, isn't it precious??

I just love it!  Wouldn't it make a great Easter gift for grandparents filled with candy or whatever they like?  I have a great granddaughter that I would be thrilled to get this from!  

I suggested to my granddaughter that she could make larger clay pots with Daddy and Mommy's prints on them and make a row of them on the patio or by steps or in a cluster in the yard.  I think that would be so cute and cool!  

You could probably do this with hand prints for a bird figure, also.  Flower pots make great gifting as you can personalize them and fill them with items to fit someone's personality.  For example, fill with seeds, trowel and gardening gloves or a book and juice bottle and sweets.  What do your family friends and children like that they would love to get in a pot instead of a basket?  Fun!

Here is my Easter Bonnet that I still use and made a few years ago.  This was made from a child's hat from the Dollar Store.  I stapled fabric flowers on it and added the wire ribbon and bunny.  You could also glue plastic eggs around it and grass.

I made this in 2010 and here it is now on my front door.

Bunny has disappeared and a new Pink Ribbon has been added.

I also still have my porcelain hen with crocheted Easter Eggs.  For more ideas, search Easter in the sidebar.  Happy Easter Crafting!!

My Krafty heart to yours...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hey there followers!!  Sorry I have not been posting lately but I have been ill with one of those pesky winter colds, painting my living room to cover dark ugly paneling and even had a sewer back up~sorry for bad words-LOL!  I am painting the living room with a light warm beige and am so pleased.  I have 2 walls done with 2 coats and have 2 walls to go.  And of course that will make me rearrange, too-ha!  Are you like that?
 Not much of a surprise that I chose a color almost the same as what I had in my kitchen in SC-ha!  

Progress at my age is slow but sure :)

What a difference it makes!!  The room is much brighter and the furniture will look lovely against this background.

Curtains back up :)

I need to paint the closet door as it sticks out like a sore thumb now.  I painted the front door above and that worked out really well.  The paint I am using has primer in the  mix already~very convenient!
I am really pleased so far with the outcome and will show more pics after the room is finished, rearrangement complete and rugs shampooed~may take me til summer-ha!  Are you passing the long winter with updates, remodels, etc?  I would love to see.  

Meantime, here is a great idea for you:  Ashtray, vases made into bird feeder or bath with thrift shop buys.....
I can't wait to try this.  Thanks for coming and leave a comment pls.  I treasure them.

My Krafty heart to yours...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Here is a newborn Cupcake hat that I created.  Posting today for How Sweet The Sound's Blog Shop.  

View from the top.  Lovely fluffy pink pom-pom and trim.  Price today is 10.00 and includes postage.  Only one available at present.  You can pay with PayPal.  Link is in my sidebar.

And here is my second offer of the day: Infant crocheted hood bonnet.  Warm and colorful.  Variegated blue with white trim and Pom-Pom.  Also @ 10.00 including postage.
Fits 0 to 6 mos.
 Both hats are completely washable and dryer safe.
Thank you for visiting today and come back soon!