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Friday, May 16, 2014

Watering Pot

Here is a really easy yard craft for you!  Buy a watering pot, you can even use a toy one and different colors.

 2. Fill with dirt and plants that will trail down when grown.  I used Vinca vine and Asparagus fern.

3. String beads through the spout for water droplets.  My spout did not unscrew so I just tied 4 different lengths of beads to the neck.  I bought the short crook at Lowe's for 5.00.  This is the corner of my front porch beside the sun porch.  I just love it!

Just for fun, I took petals from the Tulip tree that had blown into the lawn from the beautiful tree next door and made them look like bunny ears.

 I drew faces for them-ha!  This would be fun to do with the kids and see the faces they come up with.

For lots of pinks, go to How sweet the Sound for PINK Saturday!
One more pink I am working on all in one knit top for baby:
This is so much fun, cannot wait to see it finished!

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