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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beautiful Spiral Lace Scarves

Just finished posting my hand knit lace spiral scarves on my Etsy shop:
I have completed 4 so far and they are so beautiful in the Victorian style of scarf or boa.  You can also buy them from this site by going to PayPal if you wish, using the link in the sidebar.  Price is $18.00 each and includes postage.

I really love them and would like the Pink/white one for myself-ha!  Thank you for coming and do come again soon.
My Krafty heart to yours...
PS:  I have a skein of blue and dark blue left as well as a Lavender and darker lavender one to knit, if you would like to order one of those, comment or e-mail. me-thanks!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Artwork Baltimore Oriole...

Starting the new year by getting back into drawing and painting.

Made the pencil sketch on watercolor paper from a pad and made a 5 X 7" border.

Using black permanent ink for all the outlining of my pencil sketch, I then filled in detail with orange permanent ink pen and white water-based paint. Brown pencil was used for the branch.

Filling in orange with ink pen.


Finished sketch with white water-base paint for eye, beak, and wing high lights and I added a thin
black border.

Thank you for coming and please come again.  I love your comments!  How are you starting your new year??  I also ordered new yarn from Red Heart to make a ruffled scarf worked on only 6 knitted stitches!  Cannot wait until it comes!