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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beautiful Spiral Lace Scarves

Just finished posting my hand knit lace spiral scarves on my Etsy shop:
I have completed 4 so far and they are so beautiful in the Victorian style of scarf or boa.  You can also buy them from this site by going to PayPal if you wish, using the link in the sidebar.  Price is $18.00 each and includes postage.

I really love them and would like the Pink/white one for myself-ha!  Thank you for coming and do come again soon.
My Krafty heart to yours...
PS:  I have a skein of blue and dark blue left as well as a Lavender and darker lavender one to knit, if you would like to order one of those, comment or e-mail. me-thanks!


  1. They are beautiful. I have made a few this week too for the granddaughters and everyone loves them. I really like the pink and purple one you made.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are GORGEOUS, Kerrie! Beautiful work!.... And LOVE the beautiful bird you drew in your previous post. I've been wanting to draw or paint some birds myself, sometime soon in my art journal.. I don't get to feed them anymore, since I had to move sometime ago. They can't come here (too much traffic and commotion) and I really miss them. Every once in a while I think about getting one for a pet, but I'm afraid the cat would get much too curious! ((hugs again!)) ~tina

    1. Thanks again Tina! Yes, get drawing again, I would love to see more :)

  3. Beautiful scarves!!!!
    I LOVE them! Hard to decide.... but, the pink one is my favorite!
    And the bird drawing............ awesome!! I love it!
    I also noticed the wonderful crib quilt in your header photo. Gorgeous!
    I love to sew and my mother loves to quilt. She is always making someone a quilt.
    They are so beautiful and will last for generations to come.
    Will visit again soon!

  4. Hi Kerrie - So blessed to have you visit me - and become my 200th follower - at The Writer's Reverie!! I have enjoyed seeing all yur crafting and writing adventures - some interesting ideas and these scarves are amazing! I've been starting to see them about - I like the neutral colored one - it would go with lots of things. Hope to gleen more fun ideas from you - joy!


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