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Friday, February 8, 2013

Easy Heart Pins or decoration and Sashay yarn scarf

Here is the  link to the Sewing loft blog Where you can find a template and ideas for decorating your felt hearts.
Hearts I cut from felt

Hearts made by The Sewing Loft, are they not beautiful?

My layered hearts ready to decorate with buttons and such.


And here are my hearts as I developed them with materials I had on hand. (Felt, pearls, wooden bird buttons, jewels, a lady's head, tiny bird feathers and the sayings that I typed, printed and cut out with scalloped craft scissors.  I may still add a blanket stitch around the heart edges after all the glue is dry :0) 

I have also finished another of the Sashay yarn twirl scarves in blue, luv it!  You can buy from this site or from my Etsy Shop in the sidebar :) $18.00 includes postage and shipping :)
I really love the colors in this one! 
Approximately 60 " in length

So soft in shades of blue with silver thread running through the yarn.
My next one will be of an hombre color.  Thank you so much for visiting today and come again soon! 

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