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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today I am featuring this little crocheted Scrubby that I received as a gift from fellow crafting blogger, Doris Strum. Doris is an Advocate for maintaining the environment, and especially in saving the Bees.  You can learn more about Doris' causes by clicking on her name above and visiting her site.  She is a marvelous crochet artist and her items like this great little scrubby are for sale in her Etsy Shop.  Doris is a treasured blogging friend and I am happy that our paths crossed in the blogging world!  Tell Doris I sent you on over for a visit!
My hubby has completed a pre-assembled Deer hunting blind for our son-in-law from his own plan.  He has headed out this morning with our daughters, son-in-law and grandson to erect the stand at the hunting club.  Everyone is super excited and they will be taking pictures of the finished project that I will post later today.
This was a labor of love and though my sweet hubby is limited in physical labor due to his Multiple Myeloma, he was on a mission to get this project done.  Hopefully, the stand will be there in the woods for many years to come and be remembered that Papa/Dad made it!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Great Refinish

My hubby refinishes furniture in his spare time-yeah, right!  He has no spare time as he is always busy!  But he did redo this wonderful little side table that we picked up at a sale for 5.00.  The leg was broken and the drawer was missing but it had so much character that we saw the possibilities in it and brought it home.  We neglected to take a before picture but here is the result of repairing the leg, sanding, varnishing and adding a new drawer that matches completely.

The finished table is now between our chairs in the den and I think it came out lovely!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daisy Chain Necklace


When making the white and pink necklace on the left, I did 3 white daisies and then 3 pink daisies with a pearl in the middle of each.  The Glass Bead necklace on the right is made with silver glass beads with a clear one in the middle of each daisy.  Make these long enough to fit easily over your head and that way you do not need any findings.  If you want it shorter, you would need the findings to make clasps at both ends.  Magnetic ones are nice.  Once you get the hang of making these you can make a color for every outfit and they can be as plain or as elegant as you desire.  Suggestions:  Use all pearls or multifaceted clear glass beads for elegance.  Have fun and I would love to see pictures of your completed necklaces!

Materials Needed:
   Seed Beads
   Beading thread
   (findings optional)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magnolia on Magnolia leaf

Painted Magnolia blossoms on a Magnolia leaf.  Actually, just painted the white and then used Gel pens for the rest!  The leaf of course is organic and probably won't last but it was fun to do this and with a coat of varnish, no telling how long it will survive.  Magnolia leaves are the perfect canvas and as one of my readers suggested, they can be used for place cards for guests with their name written in Marker.  I thought that was a great idea!  Have fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be Hungry for His Word

Be hungry for His Word
(Baby Cardinal is the last babe in the nest, 2 others have flown.)


I woke this Lord’s Day
 With a song in my heart
And I vowed as always,
 To do my part
To spread His precious

He dwells within my heart,
 My spirit and my mind
Though I stumble now and again
 His path I will always find.

He guides my lips, my actions all
 So that when I stumble
I do not fall...
But  I am saved by His amazing

©Kerrie O’Hearn Marquart

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Template and Recycle Book mark

GOOD MORNING AND WELCOME! Here is a free template for flower petals and gift tags that you can use on your hand made cards and gift tags.  Also, a picture of a bookmark made by cutting up and recycling greeting cards.  You can enlarge the template after copying to your computer while printing it out.  Just choose the size you want and print.  The flower shapes can be layored and the tags just need to have holes with a hole punch to add a ribbon.  You can cut from colored scrap book paper or any other card stock, etc.
The book mark was cut from a greeting card.  I save any that I receive if they look as though I can use them for bookmarks, craft tags or incorporate parts of them into my own card making.  This is a great way to recycle and saves you money.  You can even print this bookmark out and use it.  Just paste this image on a heavier paper and write a personal note on the back.  You could also punch a hole with a hole punch and add a ribbon.  When you send a personal note or letter to a friend who loves reading, this would be a nice little surprise in the envelope!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thank you for my growing number of followers!  I plan to post more often on this site and have more how-to's for you very soon!  Also, visit my other 2 blogsites, the links are in the sidebar-Thanks again!
  This is a Danskin sport top that I crocheted a delicate shell stitch around the neck and sleeves to give it some punch!  It makes casual look lovely.  It is featured in my Etsy Shop if you would like to see other views.  The tag was made for Mother's Day but could be used any time or if it is a gift for a friend, simply trim the writing off.  My Etsy Link is in the sidebar.  Have a most wonderful Day! 

We love camping!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lovely Pine Cone flowers that I bought today at the Blessing of the Fleet and Craft show in Murrells Inlet, SC.  I have seen these before and just loved them.  They are really very easy to make and make a nice accent in your plants or a whole bouquet of them in a vase.

As you can see these are easily made with small pine cones.  A small hole is drilled in the bottom large enough to accommodate a wooden vegetable skewer.  These are very inexpensive with a hundred or fifty in a pack.  Cut the point off of one end of the skewer and  glue the skewer into the drilled hole at the base of the pine cone.  Paint the skewer green with acrylic paint and let dry.
Now you have something to hang on to as you paint the pine cone petals with acrylic colors of choice.  Place the skewers with painted pine cones into a glass or stick into a block of styrofoam.  When these are dry, simply add the accent of white on the tips of the petals and walah!  You have a beautifully petaled flower!  These are very striking in a bouquet.
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