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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Template and Recycle Book mark

GOOD MORNING AND WELCOME! Here is a free template for flower petals and gift tags that you can use on your hand made cards and gift tags.  Also, a picture of a bookmark made by cutting up and recycling greeting cards.  You can enlarge the template after copying to your computer while printing it out.  Just choose the size you want and print.  The flower shapes can be layored and the tags just need to have holes with a hole punch to add a ribbon.  You can cut from colored scrap book paper or any other card stock, etc.
The book mark was cut from a greeting card.  I save any that I receive if they look as though I can use them for bookmarks, craft tags or incorporate parts of them into my own card making.  This is a great way to recycle and saves you money.  You can even print this bookmark out and use it.  Just paste this image on a heavier paper and write a personal note on the back.  You could also punch a hole with a hole punch and add a ribbon.  When you send a personal note or letter to a friend who loves reading, this would be a nice little surprise in the envelope!
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