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Friday, June 6, 2014

Pen and Ink Portraits, pets, Motorcycle riders

GOOD MORNING!  I am posting this too late for Father's day gifting but wanting to remind you of my pen and ink drawings from photos that I create.  This one below is of Richard Petty for you Nascar fans out there!  If you are interested in having a portrait made from your photo's, please comment or e-mail me, thanks!

I have some on hand that I can make prints from that I have created in the last few years.  I first began drawing these portraits because my late husband was a die-hard racing fan and I enjoyed watching the races with him while crocheting or working on other projects as I cannot be idle-LOL!

Thank you for stopping by today and do come again soon!  My head injury is healing more rapidly now and I am hoping that the hair will grow back over it ..... or I will have to create one of those side comb over hair-do's-ahaha!

My Krafty heart to yours, 

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