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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sewing in the living room.
Making some last minute mug
rugs, gift bags, and angels from Lace.

I used scraps of Material from other projects to make the mug rugs (for put-
ing your mug on with a snack.)  They are washable and have thin batting
between the layers. Angel bodies are just gathered lace and eyelet trim. You can use a pom-pom for the face and use as a gift tie on,  put a pin backing on it, or hang on the tree. The little gift sac is enhanced with a free graphic from the Graphics Fairy. I just cut oblongs without a pattern for these and rounded the bottoms when sewing the mug rugs for the guys and just stitched them with square corners for the gals.

The Deer mug rugs are for my son-in-law and grandson who hunt. The blue Christmas
print is for my granddaughter and I quilted a tree shape on it. The beige with quilt square is for one of my daughters.
Here's a great idea, I wanted to display the candy canes and I decided to use my vintage green flower frog!  I just love the way it looks and worked perfectly!

I gathered the sewing scraps
for making the wax paper gift
wrap.  I was just experiment-
ing but want to try some more
with freezer paper for the back layer and using flower petals, etc. for more elegant paper.

I used a large man's handkerchief to press the layers together so you do not get wax on the iron.

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I just randomly put the scraps between layers.  This makes
clear wrap.

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  1. Love the wax paper idea! So creative.

  2. Great ideas Kerrie. How funny using a vintage flower holder for candy canes. I will have to do that. I've been trying to think what to do with all the candy canes we took off the tree. I have one of these too!


    PS. Thanks for the sweet comments. :o)

  3. Gorgeous!
    Your blog seem attractive with this beautiful pictures. I really appreciate of your work.
    shaggy rugs
    Good luck!


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