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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Do you have crafting and sewing traditions that you share with your children??  I always loved that my Mom taught me how to crochet and sew and as an adult, she taught me to knit after I was married!  Every Sunday when my children were small, we would go to Mom's in the afternoon and she always had a new project to show us.  She had all the craft supplies for us to use in addition to any we brought ourselves.  My sister and I and our children, too most of the time, would while away the hours making something neat to take home and show off to Hubby.

I also had a wonderful sister-in-law who taught me to embroider when I was only about 6 or 7 yrs. old!  when my Mom taught me to crochet, she gave me a friend for life.  I always think of her when I pick up a piece to crochet.  She even carved her own crochet hooks from a wood dowel if she did not have the size needed among her stash!  She also taught me to sew and when my children were little, I made many of their clothes.  Mom was the first to make Cabbage Patch dolls when the patterns were available and every grandchild has a sock monkey that she made for them. 
   I taught my girls to crochet and they make beautiful things!!  My Oldest daughter just completed a beautiful crocheted bedspread in the "Slave Pattern" that I had posted last year.  They both also quilt and we all love to craft.  My granddaughters all love crafting, too.  My son and grandson have made things, too.  But the guys prefer more exciting endeavors even though they indulged me at times... But they learn building skills from their DAD/Grandpa.
   I hope you are sharing your skills and crafting with your children.  There is nothing like sharing what you have made, having little chats and giggles and a cup of tea.  I hope my daughters and granddaughters will remember me as I remember my Mom and all the fun we had creating things.
   I am getting my supplies in order and making room on shelves for the new year so I can finish up some started projects and start some new.  Hubby is doing the same.  He has been cleaning out the work shop/shed, making room for storage and throwing away what has not been used for the last 5 years-ha!  I just know we will have something to share very soon to get the year off to a booming start!

I had books all over the house, some by the bed, some on the floor near the bed and some in the living room.  Of course I am reading them all!  Hubby took 3 scrap boards and put them on brackets in one end of a double closet and wa-lah!  Off the floor and neatly on the shelf!  Well, okay, it will be neat-ha!

And hubby's closet is much neater and less crowded now, too!
I have another small walk in closet on the other side of the room where I have my clothes and a few craft projects (2 quilts I am working on and some crochet supplies).  So we feel like we had a good start on organizing for the New Year.  How's it going at your house, would love to hear!

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