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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working with Plastic Canvas and Wood Basket

Gathering supplies and cutting out the pattern for making tissue box covers. Can't wait to get started.  I made the pattern by just laying the side of the tissue box on the plastic canvas and cutting out 4 the same for the sides.  The top I cut and then held over the hole while I traced the oval opening.  Plastic canvas cuts very easily with scissors.  Now that I have my supplies ready, my first step will be to join the four sides together by looping yarn from one long side of the canvas to the other.  I have not decided yet whether it is easier to cover the canvas first and then join or not, what do you experienced crafters suggest?
 I am making this one for the boutique size tissue box.

Okay, now I am ready to begin...

Come back to see the outcome of my first plastic canvas endeaver of the year-ha!

And Hubby just finished making a new Basket design!!  I love this!  We will be offering these for sale soon when I restart the Etsy Shop.

Because of the cradle on the bottom of this basket, it will stand on its own when tilted on its side or on an end.  This will be nice if I want to display fruit or flowers in it as a centerpiece! Fun!  The first one is always mine to keep--lucky me!

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  1. Kerrie, I love this!! You are just amazing! I'm bragging about you today, though I'm still working on the post. I received the Versatile Blogger award and am passing it on to about ten of my favorite bloggers who I feel really DESERVE this award. YOu do! Hand's down. Hope I get you some more followers. :O)


  2. Kerrie, I've looked all over and can't find your poem. Sorry..:o) Can you send me the specific link in an email?Thanks!


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