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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finished Tissue Box cover

Now I was really happy with my tissue box cover!  With no pattern and never having done this before, I came up with a sunburst design for the sides and it is not so shabby!
On the top of the cover I was just filling in with basic half cross stitch pattern but for the sides I did 3 rows of basic stitch and then started at the center of the block and filled in with long stitch. 
   First from center to corners and then worked inward until the "fan" was complete, then from the longest stitch to the corner downward to the center. 

I turned the box upside down and did the same thing.

I just really loved this variegated rainbow yarn.  It worked up so pretty!
(It is from Wal-mart and is Red heart Brand.)

   When I was finished, I made a cross in the middle.  I learned a lot while experimenting with the pattern and cannot wait to create one for a long tissue box.  FUN!

I did not count canvas squares to fill in the sides, just found the middle and worked from there.
Come back soon to visit, I love having you over!
Here are some vintage actor book marks for you!  They are from the Graphics Fairy blog where Karen provides free images for your use.  A wonderful site!
The envelope image is pasted to the back of the picture with a ribbon between for a lovely book mark.  See more at Karen's.  Check out all the "Brag Monday" entries from blogger's who have used the images in many different ways.

Here is a really cute valentine vintage image for you that is also from Karen's site.  To save any of the images, right click for full size, save to your files and print in the size you want to use.  I would love to see what you do with these! Have a wonderful Day!

My crafty heart to yours....


  1. Love your tissue box, Kerrie! Beautiful pattern and colors! ~tina

  2. Very nice, Kerrie. I love the colors in that yarn. I think I have something similar and I really enjoy working with it. Love your tissue box covers.

    Hope you and your husband is having a good day today!

  3. That is gorgeous Kerrie! My grandmother did a lot of that plastic needle point. She had such a fun time making all kinds of little things.


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