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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ornament Card

Now my inspiration for this card is really going to make you laugh, I guarantee it!  Ha!  Try guessing before you scroll down the page.
Okay!  My daughter took the top
off a box of boutique tissues and knowing
I can see a craft in ANYTHING, she said "here you go Mom!"

I immediately saw an ornament shape in the oval pull out!  I came out to my computer/crafting desk and created the ornament card by cutting around the oval with my craft scissors to make a scalloped edge, rounding only one end.  Then I drew around the shape with a black pen.  Next I added the drawing of the extended bottom part with colored pens.  At the top, I just drew a circle and suggestion of what the top of an ornament looks like with the ring to hang it from.  I then wrote Merry Christmas across the ornament and -DONE!  I can write a personal note inside and send to a friend.  What do you think?  Can you think of another way to feature this part of the tissue box??  And when the box is empty, I will use the sides to create more goodies--Easter Eggs maybe?? Ha!
                 Hugs to you from a happy crafter,
                 My heart to yours...

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  1. Are you serious???? You are one incredible, creative lady. The card is beautiful! And from the top of the box. I think I have to spend some time here going back through your posts. Preparing to be amazed again. Have a lovely evening.


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