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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lot for A Little...

One of my on-line friends was telling how she saw a cup and saucer with greens in it and it was something under $200. so she went to the dollar store, bought 2 little evergreen trees, used her own cup and saucer and it looked nicer!  Not to be outdone, I loved this idea so much, I picked up 2 little trees at A.C. Moore for 99cents each and used my own cup and saucers.  I bought 2 sprigs of holly @49cents each, cut them up to decorate the trees and Wa-lah!  I love the end result!!!  Send me pictures of what you can do with this crafty idea!!!

My kitchen does not have this yellow all-over glow but apparently my camera thinks it does!  Day pictures never have the glow and the walls are actually a creamy beige but the camera told me otherwise. LOL!
   My cups were not quite deep enough for the little stands on the trees to fit down inside them.  So I put a paper napkin in first and then the tree base and it worked fine. 
   Hope you like this idea as much as I did and I am sure you will come up with something gorgeous spending more time with this than I did.  But it was great fun!
Come back and see me soon!
             My heart to yours...


  1. Hi Kerrie, I love your Christmas trees in tea cups idea! How pretty! BTW, that yellow glow is unavoidable if you take night photos. My photographer friends told me to NEVER take a photo at night. If you take it without the flash, it will be yellow. If you take it with the flash, the colors seem glaring and too bright. But if you MUST take a photo at night, then you can use photo editing software to change the color tone from yellowish (warmer) over to blueish (cooler). It will take a lot of the yellow out before you post it. Picasa has free photo editing software. Also, you can use Picnik online software.

    All that is is low light and no flash. My interior decorator friend, Maria Killam, had me take photos of the house before our consultation. She said to use no flash and take all the photos before noon so she could see the 'true colors'. Thought you'd like to know what I'd learned about yellow in our photos. It sure helps me a lot. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. Where on earth does one charge almost $200 for a cup and saucer with greens? Even if the cup and saucer were antiques they would not be that much, but if they cost that much, they would not need greenery in it...that had to be a mistake or a very bad joke - at best LOL

    Your decorations look lovely. I love decorating for Christmas and today I'm celebrating 1st Advent Sunday - I'm happy!

    God bless you!

  3. Well, aren't they just the cutest? Love this idea, it would make a sweet gift too.

    I also liked hearing everyones advice on the photo.

    Enjoy the season!


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