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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts for my Granddaughters

Two of my granddaughters are in college, the same college.  One is a Freshman this year and the older one is a Junior.  They are very creative, they are involved in music, writing, drama and much much more!  This year the Oldest one has been the stage manager for several plays presented to the public.  The Younger one helped with Production.  Since they both loved theater, I decided to make them something simple that they would appreciate and came up with these bookmark/ornament for them both.
   I drew a Theater Mask of Comedy and Tragedy, colored it with my colored ink pens and cut it out in an oval. 
   I put it between 2 pieces of cellophane I had saved from a greeting card.  I cut the oval around the picture. 
   I punched a hole for a ribbon and reinforced the hole with 2 reinforcers on each side.  
   I used fabric ribbon to make the tie.
  The envelope is just a standard white and I wrote the name on it and drew a little ink bottle as Kelsey is a writer.  She wrote an entire autobiography in 10th grade!  Both girls want to be teachers.

I did the same with Sarah's but changed the colors of the ink to purple and lavender.  And on her envelope I put the quote marks as music notes as Sarah is a violinist, pianist, plays guitar and sings!!

I will use these as Money holders for Christmas and they can be used as bookmarks or on the bulletin boards in their dorm.  They even get to share the same dorm room!

You can find Drama masks on line to give you an idea and if you cannot draw yourself, there are many that are royalty free graphics that you could print and use.  What are your children and/grandchildren interested in?  This is a great way to make your own Money card holder with an added personal touch!

2.  The best way to make Ribbon Roses:

   Buy Ribbon with wire in it. 
   Strip a little of the fabric away from the wire on one side of the ribbon. 
   Then Pull the wire and ribbon away from each other as though you were     gathering a piece of material. 
   When you have enough gathered to twist around itself to form a flower, wrap the wire around the gathered base and pull tight.

The pink Ribbon I had already made up but today I bought the red and was happy with its result.  I pinched each of the rows of petals just a little to get the desired result.  I liked the way this ribbon was darker on the borders as it looked like natural rose shading.

Come back soon and I hope you are inspired to make something.  There is such gratification in seeing a project that you have completed
and given as a gift.  There is so much pleasure derived from giving...


My heart to yours...


  1. Oh Kerrie..these roses are just lovely! They look so real! And your ornaments are so special. I bet the girls will LOVE those! You are just so talented!

    Great job...and ...GREAT PHOTOS.. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. I am a newbie follower ..Love your blog Kerrie! I found some wred ribbon in my stash...going to try making some of these


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