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Friday, March 4, 2011


Our granddaughter, Jessica, is a freshman in college and she is going to be a teacher.  At present, her courses are for teaching children pre-school through 3rd grade.  There is a tremendous amount of creating involved in her assignments and she came to Grandma's to help her put her creations together.  I am so proud of her and all the little crafting together times when she was little have come to fruition-LOL!
  She needed to make a display board with the subject of potty-training and a touch and feel book.  She had everything ready and I just helped with gluing and I did make the whiskers for the Kitten touch and feel-ha!
She scanned the cover of potty training books, laminated them and put them on the tri-fold display board.  She used real pull up diaper cutting it in half, boys and girls panties  and glued them around the book cover in the center.
This is the first page of her touch and feel flip book.  She cut the shoes out after coloring them and put real laces on them.

This one was really fun!  I suggested veggie skewers for the swing frame and she placed them.  She used chain lengths for the swing chains and craft foam for the seats.  I just love its dimensional look and the brightness.
Next, she took plastic life-like grass and cut it into short lengths and glued them down at the bottom.  She turned some sideways and glued them horizontally at the base.  Then grandma thought a lady bug would be nice-ha! So she cut out and drew spots on a piece of craft foam and glued it down.

I love kitty!  She cut him out after coloring him and then used button thread for his whiskers glued on with hot glue.
This is her fence from painted Popsicle sticks, I think it is so cute!  And she cut grass shapes to place be placed in back and front of the sticks...
When the project is completed with a cover and back piece, she will punch the top of the pages with a paper punch and join with rings used for car keys from the craft store.  Then her touch and feel flip book will be complete!

Jessica has wanted to be a teacher from the first moment she went to  pre-school and played teacher all through the years.  I have featured her before as she has an Etsy shop where she sells her home made beaded jewelry.  Thanks for stopping by and do come again.  I think this project would be great for Moms to make when they are potty training, also!  Kids love bright colors and are so proud of themselves when they finally "get it".

My Krafty heart to yours...


  1. Congratulations to her for being a future teacher and Happy Birthday to her. Her project looks fantastic. We know where she got her talent now.

  2. A very happy belated birthday to your lovely Jessica!!! It´s so nice seeing you both working together. There`s nothing better than grandmas and grand daughters together, isn´t it???
    muchos cariños to both of you


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