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Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter Craft Quickie

MANY Years ago I used to make bouquets of tulips using egg cartons.  I bought stamens for the middle of each tulip, pipe cleaners for stems and crepe paper leaves.  I now came up with a simple, less than an hour way to make tulips from foam egg cartons and this craft can be made with children or grandchildren.  I love the results!!
You will need:

Some pastel ribbon
Colored Egg Cartons
Straight scissors
Curly edge scissors
Glue stick
Craft paint or colored markers

First cut a cup from the carton.  Outline 4 petals with a marker following the curves of the egg cup.
Cut out with straight or curly edge scissors.  The petals will not all be the same size but it does not matter.
When you have your cup cut out, poke a hole in the bottom with the pointed end of the scissors.  Take a strand of ribbon (about 18 inches long) looped in half by the 2 ends and push the loose ends into the opening until you can pull the strands through from the bottom leaving a loose loop on the top of the cup.  Do this with the other 2 strands of ribbon.
This one has been cut with the curly edge scissors and give the tulip a lacy look.  These can be set loose on your Easter dinner table or a cluster of several will look nice in a short clear vase.
Optional, you can tip the edge of the petals with craft paint and put an initial on the side of one petal if using as place cards.
This is one of my own hand painted egg shells set inside for a different look.  Plastic eggs from the dollar store look great in them, too!
This one has a blue flower shaped button glued to the center with stick glue and then one strand of ribbon is laced through to the back.   Below is the kind of paint I used to tip the edge of the one tulip petals and for writing an initial.
And here is a real egg I used to demonstrate how your own boiled and colored eggs can be made to sit up in the cup by pulling the strands of ribbon around the base to steady it.  It will stand up very nicely next to a plate.
Curly Craft scissors can be found even in the Dollar Stores.
I really hope you will make some of these really easy Egg Carton Tulips!!  If you do, I would love to feature your creations!  Thanks for stopping by and come again soon.
My Krafty heart to yours....


  1. What a clever idea and a good one for recyling an egg carton.

  2. Did you think of that? That is very clever indeed - I love when people recycle, especially plastic or Styrofoam, stuff that takes hundreds of years to disintegrate...


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