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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outdoor Living Project...

Hey Crafters!  Today we are featuring our outdoor project.  We have a very uneven back yard where we observe all the wonderful wildlife here.  We have been wanting to make a level place near the water where hubby could stand and fish but also so we could sit level to enjoy the water.
  Hubby helped and supervised the project as I and my daughter's friend helped with the more physical side of the project.  First Bill made a sort of a frame after digging out a 4' X 6'  oblong in the bank.
Next we moved some stone and soil from another area of the yard with a small lawn cart.  Hubby cannot do any lifting so our friend and I did the shoveling and dumping until we had the space filled.

As you can see, the bank tapers down to the lake at a 2-3ft. grade by the time you get to the water's edge.  Next we bought sand to lay the 24" patio blocks on (it took 6 to fill the space) and then we put a row of bricks on either side to hold the sides stable.
Bill filled the cracks with more sand and after 2 days of working, the patio space was finished!  It is a great little spot and we are buying the chairs tomorrow and will show A picture when they are setting there.  With a good friend, you can make this project  at a minimum of spending and a maximum of enjoyment for the rest of the year!

And this is a tip for you ladies:  The best lettuce Keeper I ever had is a plastic ice cream container!  It is an oval "Blue Bunny" brand Ice Cream container.  I break the head of lettuce in half and the two halves fit side by side in the oval.  This is the very first one I have ever used as a lettuce keeper that actually kept the lettuce fresh so that I used it to the last leaf!  No rusting, no spotting, just crisp lettuce!  Better than Tupperware!

Thank you for coming to visit and please come again soon. 
My Krafty heart to yours!

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  1. What a wonderful place you have made. It looks so peaceful and serene. My dream is to live by an ocean, lake, or water of some kind one day.


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