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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Early Easter Craft...

Hey Crafters!  I have created an Egg Graphic for you to use for Greeting cards, place cards, or just for decorating.  Just click on the image to make it larger and then copy to your picture file.  Then you can print it out in what ever size you prefer.  I did lettering on some and left one blank for your own writing.  If you use on a card, just cut the outline of the egg out and paste it.  I created this Egg Graphic with jell pens, permanent fine marker, and drew free hand.  I have never shared this before.  Thanks so much for coming by and I hope you will be able to incorporate this colorful egg into your Easter crafting.

This is reminiscent of beautifully colored eggs that my Mom's friend used to make for her each Easter.  They were made in Ukrainian tradition painting on a real egg with dyes and wax.  They were most beautiful and my mother treasured them.  I have painted on blown eggs to try to simulate these eggs and keep them in a china closet.  They are a good likeness and my friends did not know the difference until I told them-ha!

If you cannot draw ovals free hand, just buy plastic eggs in the $ store, open and draw around the base.  If you cannot draw, simply put dabs of different colored paints on the end of the handle of a paint brush and dab dots on the egg.  This can be quite pretty also.  And there is always ribbon and Rickrack that you can paste as stripes across the egg.  I would love to see how you use my graphic, please send pictures in an e-mail and I will feature them here on the blog! 

My Krafty Heart to Yours...

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