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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Low to No Cost Crafts...

Remember my Christmas Wreath with Santa in the middle?  Well, I printed out a valentine from the Graphics Fairy once again and Placed it right over Santa without gluing or harming the Santa print.  Since the wreath is made from pages from an old hymnal, I can keep this up all year just changing the picture in the center for all holidays!  I just love it so much!  I have it hanging in the kitchen on the wash room door.
Here is a close up photo.  Karen at the Graphics Fairy provides a multitude of vintage artwork free for the copying.  She also has Request Thursdays where you can even request graphics!  Do visit her site.
Next, I printed out valentine graphics, cut them out with scalloped craft scissors and strung them on a green ribbon with a glue stick.  I don't know where I will hang it yet but love the result.  Also, I made some book marks from vintage actress photos that were popular way back when with their little envelope under them.  I just loved these too and they came out very nicely.  I simply glued different colored ribbons to the back of them with a loop at the top.

Thanks to the Graphics Fairy, I can be so creative!  Sharing is what it is all about!  Life is good!

Hubby is still working on the Red Tailed Hawk for our friend and I will post when it is finished. 

Here is one from real life that he brought for us to see on Sunday evening.

For more pictures of the Red Tailed Hawk and our Backyard Wildlife, go to my Kerrie's Korner, SC blog.
Do come back soon, we love having you visit! 

My Krafty heart to yours...


  1. Kerrie..your valentines are so lovely! And Oh my did you guys ever end up with a red tailed hawk. I bet you love him! How unusual..and wonderful. :O)


  2. I know why I got confused Kerrie. I read your post about the Hawk a couple of days ago. But I had forgotten it was someone visiting hubby. I remember thinking how sweet that was. When Tim was sick a Mom brought her two daughters over to the house to play violins for him. (He adores classical music!) It's amazing how the Lord moves people's hearts when we are under duress. It really was wonderful that someone cared enough to bring that Hawk to your hubby while he was feeling so poorly from the chemo. It brings back memories just thinking about what he is going through. I'll be praying for you tonight. I'm so relieved because my son, the Marine, called today and I got to just listen while he shared his grief over his friend stepping on the landmine. How I wished I could have hugged him. Some things in life are just so difficult.

    I pray your hubby gets through this bout of nausea soon and you can have more 'Happy' days. I'm going to show my hubby your hubby's carving. It's just so amazing! Do you know, my dad was a sculptor too. The photo is on my blog in January a year ago. I've always admired any one who can carve or sculpt.

    Have a lovely day Kerrie.



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