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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gifts for my Granddaughters

Two of my granddaughters are in college, the same college.  One is a Freshman this year and the older one is a Junior.  They are very creative, they are involved in music, writing, drama and much much more!  This year the Oldest one has been the stage manager for several plays presented to the public.  The Younger one helped with Production.  Since they both loved theater, I decided to make them something simple that they would appreciate and came up with these bookmark/ornament for them both.
   I drew a Theater Mask of Comedy and Tragedy, colored it with my colored ink pens and cut it out in an oval. 
   I put it between 2 pieces of cellophane I had saved from a greeting card.  I cut the oval around the picture. 
   I punched a hole for a ribbon and reinforced the hole with 2 reinforcers on each side.  
   I used fabric ribbon to make the tie.
  The envelope is just a standard white and I wrote the name on it and drew a little ink bottle as Kelsey is a writer.  She wrote an entire autobiography in 10th grade!  Both girls want to be teachers.

I did the same with Sarah's but changed the colors of the ink to purple and lavender.  And on her envelope I put the quote marks as music notes as Sarah is a violinist, pianist, plays guitar and sings!!

I will use these as Money holders for Christmas and they can be used as bookmarks or on the bulletin boards in their dorm.  They even get to share the same dorm room!

You can find Drama masks on line to give you an idea and if you cannot draw yourself, there are many that are royalty free graphics that you could print and use.  What are your children and/grandchildren interested in?  This is a great way to make your own Money card holder with an added personal touch!

2.  The best way to make Ribbon Roses:

   Buy Ribbon with wire in it. 
   Strip a little of the fabric away from the wire on one side of the ribbon. 
   Then Pull the wire and ribbon away from each other as though you were     gathering a piece of material. 
   When you have enough gathered to twist around itself to form a flower, wrap the wire around the gathered base and pull tight.

The pink Ribbon I had already made up but today I bought the red and was happy with its result.  I pinched each of the rows of petals just a little to get the desired result.  I liked the way this ribbon was darker on the borders as it looked like natural rose shading.

Come back soon and I hope you are inspired to make something.  There is such gratification in seeing a project that you have completed
and given as a gift.  There is so much pleasure derived from giving...


My heart to yours...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lot for A Little...

One of my on-line friends was telling how she saw a cup and saucer with greens in it and it was something under $200. so she went to the dollar store, bought 2 little evergreen trees, used her own cup and saucer and it looked nicer!  Not to be outdone, I loved this idea so much, I picked up 2 little trees at A.C. Moore for 99cents each and used my own cup and saucers.  I bought 2 sprigs of holly @49cents each, cut them up to decorate the trees and Wa-lah!  I love the end result!!!  Send me pictures of what you can do with this crafty idea!!!

My kitchen does not have this yellow all-over glow but apparently my camera thinks it does!  Day pictures never have the glow and the walls are actually a creamy beige but the camera told me otherwise. LOL!
   My cups were not quite deep enough for the little stands on the trees to fit down inside them.  So I put a paper napkin in first and then the tree base and it worked fine. 
   Hope you like this idea as much as I did and I am sure you will come up with something gorgeous spending more time with this than I did.  But it was great fun!
Come back and see me soon!
             My heart to yours...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ornament Card

Now my inspiration for this card is really going to make you laugh, I guarantee it!  Ha!  Try guessing before you scroll down the page.
Okay!  My daughter took the top
off a box of boutique tissues and knowing
I can see a craft in ANYTHING, she said "here you go Mom!"

I immediately saw an ornament shape in the oval pull out!  I came out to my computer/crafting desk and created the ornament card by cutting around the oval with my craft scissors to make a scalloped edge, rounding only one end.  Then I drew around the shape with a black pen.  Next I added the drawing of the extended bottom part with colored pens.  At the top, I just drew a circle and suggestion of what the top of an ornament looks like with the ring to hang it from.  I then wrote Merry Christmas across the ornament and -DONE!  I can write a personal note inside and send to a friend.  What do you think?  Can you think of another way to feature this part of the tissue box??  And when the box is empty, I will use the sides to create more goodies--Easter Eggs maybe?? Ha!
                 Hugs to you from a happy crafter,
                 My heart to yours...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Prayer-crafts

Here is a Thanksgiving prayer for you to copy and make place cards for the table or for a card. 
Just copy and save to your photo program and then print to the size you desire.  There should be choices in your photo program.
And here are some more graphics for your crafting...

Hope you have fun creating with these!  I would love to see pictures of what you create!


    My heart to yours....

Friday, November 19, 2010


Here is a Pilgrim girl for you to print out.  She would make a neat decoration for placesettings on your Thanksgiving Table or for occupying the little ones at the table.
Source for this paperdoll is Dover Publishers and they have a book of Paper dolls that you can purchase at a very small price.

Have fun!  I still love playing with Paper dolls-LOL!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beginning my Christmas Cards....

I love making Christmas Cards!!  I first went to the Graphics Fairy site and then picked out a vintage children's trading card.  I then saved it to my photo program and printed it out (9 on one page) wallet size.  Next I cut them out and pasted them on card stock.
Blank cards and envelopes were purchased at A.C. Moore Craft store.  I used a glue stick to glue them to the cards.  Then I took my colored pens and drew a little decoration on each one, Holly leaves, lamplight, etc.  If you cannot draw, use stickers. 
  The last one I added a strip of ribbon to it, a satin button and a little white bow with a pearl in the middle.  You can find these little bows in the bridal section of craft stores.

The last one I cut the little girl figure out completely.  On all the cards, I used pens to accent the outline of her dress, etc.  I swiggled some lines to look like snow and used a white pen to put the snow dots on the cards.  I then drew a matching element on the envelopes.  Again, you can use stickers if you cannot draw.  Walmart has a nice variety of stickers from $1.00 a set up!  If you have any questions, please ask! Hope you will make some cards and have fun doing it as I did!
                   CRAFTY HUGS FROM KERRIE♥

Saturday, November 13, 2010


A pencil sketch of my Monk Parrot when she was
4 weeks old
Beezer at 8 weeks old

Race car driver, Davey Allison
Pen and Ink drawings with crayon color
Father and Son
Richard Petty with car, pen and ink
This is pen and ink of a working horse Team near Georgetown,
South Carolina.  I drew this from a Newspaper photo.

This one was also from a rather blurry newspaper photo
of School boys on a field trip. I loved their faces!

This is a watercolor of pansies and from my imagination.
This is a watercolor of a gate.  I love gates and that is one of the
Reasons we love visiting Charleston, SC.
This is Ink, crayon on Watercolor paper.  It is a Gazebo
that was on the Lake property we rented one fall in NYS
This is Ink, colored pencil and watercolor from my imagination and I
made this one an Iron-on for a T-shirt many years ago.
I love working with White or pastel inks on colored
backgrounds.  The feather is my favorite.
                   Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed my little Art showing!  Do come again soon and please visit my other blogs listed in the sidebar.
                   My heart to yours...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Motorcycle Portraits

This is a picture of the first motorcycle portrait on wood that I ever did!  My fellow worker, a nurse, wanted to surprise her hubby and asked if I could do it.  She had seen some of my hubby's and my other cut outs and artwork and she had confidence that I could do this.  I tackled it and this was the result using a very good colored photograph as my model.  Hubby cut out the shape in pine, cutting the left leg out separately so that we could make it a ledge hanger.  It sets flat on a mantel or shelf and the leg hangs over.  This makes it very dimensional! My friend was thrilled with the result and so was her hubby.  Since that time, I have done about a half dozen more as I did not advertise but through word of mouth was able to get more commissioned work.  I am really proud of this particular craft as I knew nothing about motor cycles but put all the details on it and it sure looked like her husband and his bike!  And with sun glasses, it was easier to do the face.   Enjoy!

Monday, November 8, 2010


FINALLY FINISHED MY OTHER 3 HAND-MADE PURSE/TOTES!  I LOVE THEM ALL, if they do not all get sold, I will enjoy using them!!  They hold more than my present leather purse!
100% cotton totes handmade by Kerrie.
All bags measure 9 inches high by 11 inches wide.  They have tote openings.  Each is embellished with heavy doubled fabric ribbon to match, buttons, applique and the navy/blue has a sequined butterfly element and vintage button.
Each is only $12.00 plus $4.80 priority postage.

To order any of these bags, just click on the Buy Now PayPal button in my sidebar, describe the item and number and fill out the rest of the form with your mailing address.  Thanks so much for looking and do come again for more of our crafts and how-to's!

#1 Navy/blue bag

#2 /Brown/orange leaf applique bag

#3 Orange Paisley Print bag with Fabric leaves and buttons

Questions?  E-mail or comment.  Thanks so much for visiting!  Come again soon.

Good night from my home to yours....


Saturday, November 6, 2010


Good Saturday to you!  I have a great craft for you today and I think you will like it!  Don't know what to do with all those calendars now that we are winding down the year of 2010??  Well for years I have been making envelopes and wrapping paper from them!  And this is how:
Fold calendar page as you would a letter in thirds.

Then glue the bottom pocket on 1/4" both sides of the envelope or:
Stitch as I have here on the sewing machine

Add a sticky label and your return label and on the back close with decorative seal or initial sticker as I have done here.
This is a wonderful, easy craft for your kids, grandkids, college kids who will love these home-made beauties when receiving them in the mail!
I also made a pencil box last year for myself by folding the heavy calendar picture to accommodate the length of the pencils, embellished it with glued on rick-rack in gold and 2 buttons that I cut the loop off of the back and glued flat on the box.  As you can see, I use this.

And last but not least, use the calendar pages to wrap small gifts!

I sure hope you like these simple craft ideas today and please let me know if you do by commenting!  Have a most wonderful weekend and do visit my other blogs when you can, Thanks!!

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