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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gorgeous Fun Summer Coasters

My daughter made and brought me a gift of a set of fruit slice coasters on the 4th.  They are made of felt and so beautiful and cheerful!  She also brought me some felt so I could make a set of my own.  Mine are smaller as I used a pattern she linked me to on line and printed it out.
 Aren't they great?  I just love them!
These are the ones I am working on.  You need 2 of the same color for the top and backsides, 1 of white for the pulp and 8 "v"s cut from the main color for the slices.  I am unable to find the site again to pass on to you but feel if you are crafty you can make your own pattern from looking at these.  They would make lovely housewarming gifts and you could add an inexpensive bright colored plastic glass set to go with them.  Such fun!  I just love the bright colors!!

Hope your 4th was a lot of fun!  

My crafty heart to yours...

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