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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something created from a photo

One of my granddaughters is quite an upcoming photographer.  All through H.S. and now going into her 3rd year at college, she has taken some awesome photos.   She took this picture of a gorgeous tiger at the local Zoo recently.  I so wanted to make a unique gift for her using her wonderful photo and came up with this Pillow:
First I printed the photo on fabric that my daughter found at A.C. Moore.  You print on the fabric, peel the backing off when dry and then rinse the picture until water is clear.  You then press between paper towel and let air dry.

Yesterday, I bought this brown print bandanna ($1) to use as the background

I pinned the fabric photo to the middle of the bandanna and then used zigzag stitch on the machine with gold thread to  create a frame. 

I added the ecru vintage looking ribbon to the left of the photo.  Then I stitched the 2 long ends of the bandanna together.
Next I made a little hem around each end opening and ran a tan ribbon through the hem so I could pull to gather and close after filling with fiberfill.  Then I tied the ribbons into several bows and tacked the middle.  I am quite pleased with the outcome and cannot wait to surprise my granddaughter with this pillow!

Tip:  When I printed on my photo fabric (4X6 sheet, I taped the fabric piece just barely at the edge onto a regular typing sheet about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge,  that would be going through the printer first.  This assured no snags or jams).

Now I need to take another photo from the other granddaughter's photo collection and make her one before I mail them.  I hope this inspired you to make a photo pillow.  You could of course, make a square pillow or a round one, it is all up to you. 

Thanks for coming!  
My Krafty heart to yours...

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