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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Use for Old Pizza Tin

My Frig runneth over with photos so the overflow are now on the pantry door with magnets on my old pizza pan!  I love all the family pictures and could not choose any to put away so this was a good solution.  You could also do this with an old Cookie sheet and paint it first to blend in with wall color.
Or you could cover the pan with scrapbook paper first as the magnets would still work through the thin paper.

Here is the frig  next to the pantry door.
Some of the pictures are in magnetic clear frames and some are just held in place by decorative magnets.

Or, yet another idea, paint the tin with blackboard paint and use for a message board.

  There is so much you could do to embellish old tins or cookie sheets with ribbons, paint, etc.  Happy crafting and I would love to see what you do with your creations, please send me pics and I will post them. 

My crafty heart to yours...


  1. That is a great idea. I could see that as a project with the grandkids. They could decorate the pans. Thanks.

    1. I love making things with the grandkids and even though they are well grown, they still enjoy crafting!

  2. LOVE this idea. I am getting caught up on reading some posts. You have so many good ideas and I wanted to thank you for sharing them.
    I think I am going to get some black chalkboard paint and paint one of my large old pans and use as a message board.
    Thanks again and many blessings.

    1. Thanks Bren! It makes me so happy when my readers get enthusiastic about one of my ideas! Have a wonderful day!! Kerrie

  3. Wow, who would have guessed? That's a great idea, Kerrie. Anytime we can extend an articles usefulness and keep them out of the trash (landfills) longer is an improvement on the environment. Thank you for sharing this great tip! I hope you'll have a blessed day!


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