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Monday, September 27, 2010


The giraffes are coming along nicely, Hubby has made 3 pair now that complete our first set that I get to keep!  He will now start making them to sell alone or as a set on this blog or in our Etsy shop.  Although they are small, they are very time consuming and delicate to work on.  But I will certainly let you know when we have some for Sale per your requests!
               The third pair are kissing...

These are gourds that I raised myself a couple of years ago.  I painted freehand on them and felt they came out very nicely.  I did not grow any this year and I do not think they would have done well as the summer was very dry.  My cucumber vine kept blossoming and then the little cucumbers would wither and die before maturing--Except for that one 18" cucumber Giant we had-LOL!

Here is one that Bill painted of fish, rocks and seaweed on a light blue background.
Leaves and pumpkins
Pumpkins and goose

These I painted with a 2 color loaded brush of red and black and then painted my deer, trees and Kokopeli in black with white highlights.  Last, Bill varnished them for me.  I loved the way these came out.
Since I have not been growing these myself I am going to check out a site I found,  and see how their prices are.  I really enjoy painting on them so much.  Imaginatively, I could paint pumpkins, flowers and a host of other things on them.  I would like to try a giraffe on a long necked one.  If the bottom of the gourd is not flat and will not stand by itself, I use large pearls or beads on a common pin with a colored head and push directly into the gourd on the bottom in at least 3 places.  They stand very nicely doing this.
     One last idea if you crochet or macrame!
I had hubby cut off the top of this gourd, punched holes near the rim all around.  Then I crocheted through the holes to make a mesh basket or web like effect and added Swan feathers.  I painted the inside with a watery blue color and then painted Kokopeli so you can see him through the crochet thread.  I was really pleased with the whole effect.


 I hope I have inspired you to paint on gourds!  Thanks for looking and come back again soon!

For a great hearty fall recipe for Chicken Stew, go to my TWO HAPPY blog for today at   Thanks for stopping by and do come again soon!
                                    My heart to yours...


  1. Dear Kerrie, these are so beautiful darling creations you and your husband made, both of you so talented, how nice!!!!
    I used to have some carved gourds from Perú but not anymore with so many home movings before.
    Lots of hugs and joy to you both,
    maria cecilia

  2. Kerrie,
    Have you checked out Ghost Creek Gourds in Laurens county?


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