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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now here is a really economical card making tip!  I bought a whole pack of 200 sponge stickers in The Dollar Store.  Included are different colors of spiders, skulls, bats, witches, moons, etc.  They are perfect for making cards for Halloween.  And secondly, I found a bag of 150 various colored fabric leaves which also make wonderful supplies for fall cards and decorating.  I bought the blank cards and envelopes, a package of 40 at Walmart a few months ago for about 5.00.

For variation of the leaves, glue or sew to card adding a bead in contrasting color at each point.  I am going to try that next as I can picture bright orange or green beads at the tips! 

I added a single strand of spider web with a marker and wrote "Boo!" over yellow marker scribble on the card.  I also drew a halo around the moon with a yellow marker.  I glued the leaves on with just a glue stick which worked very well.  If you make any of these cards please send a picture of your wonderful creations!!  This is a simple and fun craft for children!
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A beautiful fall leaf along side a floating feather from the swans.

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