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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Advent Calendar

This is a very easy project I found in one of my craft books!  Lettering is made from the pattern provided on material that has been ironed onto fusible webbing.  Then it is cut out and ironed onto material.  You could use material you have around, it does not need to be quilted. 
Scraps of assorted fabrics for appliques, paper-backed fusible web, a black permanent marker and thread.
  Marker is used to draw details on Santa,  and stars. Trim with ribbon or back with contrasting material and fold to front to make the framed look. Cut 24 11" lengths of red yarn. Stitch center of each yarn length in place on front of calendar.  Tie ends of each yarn length into a bow around one candy piece. Calendar shown is 12" by 25".
Patterns below, right click to copy.

Enlarge pattern after saving to your computer.

Happy crafting today!  Another easy wreath of candy can be made by tying wrapped candies to a wreath form or a wire hanger that has been shaped into a circle.  Tie enough candy on to fill the circle.  Tie a ribbon on the neck of the hanger with a child's scissors attached so that your guests can cut a piece of candy from the wreath.  I have been making these for the past 50 yrs!!

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