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Monday, September 27, 2010


The giraffes are coming along nicely, Hubby has made 3 pair now that complete our first set that I get to keep!  He will now start making them to sell alone or as a set on this blog or in our Etsy shop.  Although they are small, they are very time consuming and delicate to work on.  But I will certainly let you know when we have some for Sale per your requests!
               The third pair are kissing...

These are gourds that I raised myself a couple of years ago.  I painted freehand on them and felt they came out very nicely.  I did not grow any this year and I do not think they would have done well as the summer was very dry.  My cucumber vine kept blossoming and then the little cucumbers would wither and die before maturing--Except for that one 18" cucumber Giant we had-LOL!

Here is one that Bill painted of fish, rocks and seaweed on a light blue background.
Leaves and pumpkins
Pumpkins and goose

These I painted with a 2 color loaded brush of red and black and then painted my deer, trees and Kokopeli in black with white highlights.  Last, Bill varnished them for me.  I loved the way these came out.
Since I have not been growing these myself I am going to check out a site I found,  and see how their prices are.  I really enjoy painting on them so much.  Imaginatively, I could paint pumpkins, flowers and a host of other things on them.  I would like to try a giraffe on a long necked one.  If the bottom of the gourd is not flat and will not stand by itself, I use large pearls or beads on a common pin with a colored head and push directly into the gourd on the bottom in at least 3 places.  They stand very nicely doing this.
     One last idea if you crochet or macrame!
I had hubby cut off the top of this gourd, punched holes near the rim all around.  Then I crocheted through the holes to make a mesh basket or web like effect and added Swan feathers.  I painted the inside with a watery blue color and then painted Kokopeli so you can see him through the crochet thread.  I was really pleased with the whole effect.


 I hope I have inspired you to paint on gourds!  Thanks for looking and come back again soon!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New from the wood shop....

Hubby knows that I love giraffes!!  He surprised me with these precious entwined giraffes that are carved from one piece of wood and then intertwined!  I love them!  He made one pair facing front and one pair facing both front and back.  Hoping to get some of these finished to put in the Etsy Shop! (But these are MINE-ha!)

Pair stands 4 inches high by 2" wide

Just love these!  I may try painting a pair to see how that looks but I love the natural look of the cedar, too.

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ASKING PRAYERS for the family of Vern West in Henderson NV who passed in the night at Hospice from Multiple Myeloma Cancer.  Please pray for a cure for this devastating disease!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Now here is a really economical card making tip!  I bought a whole pack of 200 sponge stickers in The Dollar Store.  Included are different colors of spiders, skulls, bats, witches, moons, etc.  They are perfect for making cards for Halloween.  And secondly, I found a bag of 150 various colored fabric leaves which also make wonderful supplies for fall cards and decorating.  I bought the blank cards and envelopes, a package of 40 at Walmart a few months ago for about 5.00.

For variation of the leaves, glue or sew to card adding a bead in contrasting color at each point.  I am going to try that next as I can picture bright orange or green beads at the tips! 

I added a single strand of spider web with a marker and wrote "Boo!" over yellow marker scribble on the card.  I also drew a halo around the moon with a yellow marker.  I glued the leaves on with just a glue stick which worked very well.  If you make any of these cards please send a picture of your wonderful creations!!  This is a simple and fun craft for children!
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A beautiful fall leaf along side a floating feather from the swans.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Loving the fall season and just put some fall things in my Etsy Shop with more to come.  My leaf pillow is a fun and fast project.  Shown below:

I just bought a quarter of a yard of Fall fabric in the leaf print.  I drew a free-hand Oak Leaf on the wrong side, folded the fabric over and cut the 2 pieces at the same time.  You do not have to be an artist to do this!  I stitched around leaving the opening where the stem would be and stuffed the pillow quite fully with polyfill.  I sewed the opening together by hand and added the silky brown ribbon cluster.  Next I added the buttons on either side for accent.  For this pillow, I used a contrasting color so that the pillow could be used on either side. 
The pillow measures 15" in length and 14" at the widest point of the leaves.  I use cottom quilting thread for all my hand sewing because it is stronger. 
Our other Fall project was more difficult.  I created the Cornicopia pattern for my husband to cut out of wood and relief carve.  Then I painted it in the bright fall colors and he put a coat of clear varnish on it and a sawtooth hanger on the back.  This measures 8" X 12" and makes a beautiful wall decoration in your kitchen or dining area.  I keep one in my kitchen year round. 

If you are not this crafty, go to our Esty shop and you can reasonably purchase one of these.   we will be adding more fall items now.

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Here is a collector pallette card for you to copy and use.  Makes a great gift tag for all the crafters or printed out on longer paper it can be used for a book mark.  Personalize in your photo program to put a name on it.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Hand Beaded Greeting Card

Today I am featuring my Granddaughter Jessica's new Etsy Shop!  Creations of Jessica  Jessica just graduated H.S. and is enrolled in college to become an elementary school teacher!  She is juggling college and a part time job right now and is making beautiful jewelry and greeting cards to supplement her income.  She is very enterprising and focused on her career choice.  Please check out her Etsy Shop at the link above and see what you think.  Please send the link to your friends and family if you like what you see.  Prices are very reasonable and we are so excited that she is following after her Mom and Grandma Kerrie for her love of crafting.  Thank you for visiting and come again soon!

Here is a tiny thumbnail to peak your interest.
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