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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Joy

Good morning dear friends!  I just came back from Visiting Doris at !  Please click on the link to see beautiful photos of an Easter tradition in Germany!  Doris is originally from Germany but lives here in the U. S.  The picture is from her trip back home and was taken by her father.  So beautiful and interesting.  Doris is a sister crocheter and creates possitively beautiful things!  You can see these things in her Etsy Shop link in her sidebar.  Doris is a very interesting person, too much for me to write and easier for you to visit her site.  Happy blog visiting dear friends!  Kerrie


  1. Awww, what a lovely surprise, Kerrie! Thank you so much. I love blogging because of the friends we meet (like you ;-) and also keeping in touch with faraway relitves and loved ones. Life is good :-)

  2. Hi Kerrie

    Thanks for the link, I'm to visit Doris.

    Hope that you had a blessed Easter!


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