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Monday, February 19, 2018

Loving to craft!

 Crocheting is good therapy and I told my Mom that when she taught me to crochet, she gave me a friend for life....
I was recovering from shoulder surgery for so long and missed not crocheting, knitting, etc.  Just finished this  hat and dishcloths.

And below is a snowy or rainy day project for Moms to do with their kids as I posted previously on my Facebook page: Cut the heart of the celery bottom and dry by hitting on a paper towel.  Then paint the celery heart with acrylic paint to make a rose stamp.  Add random sweeps of green for leaves.  Peel more petals off the celery to make smaller roses.  Children can make prints, greeting cards, etc.


And here is a baby blanket and hat in the "Jamie" crochet stitch that you can find for free on line under that name.  I hope you are inspired!

My Krafty heart to yours...

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