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Saturday, July 30, 2016


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Be creative!!  My youngest daughter and I have a tradition of buying crazy socks and slippers for each other.  A couple of yrs ago, she sent me these slipper socks, keeping one of each color and sending me one of each color.  I like wearing them in the bathroom and dancing on the slippery floor while curling my hair.  So I got creative and this was the result-LOL!  (turn up the sound)

 Being creative at my back door, hung a bird plaque to the left and draped fabric Wisteria on a wrought iron grill work piece that I bought in St. Augustine Florida years ago, on the right side of the door.  I thought about spray painting the grill work but cannot decide yet-:)

This little birdhouse was given to me by my son a long time ago in SC.  It has been repaired many times and this time I repaired the roof by cutting a sheet of metal from a soda can and nailing it to the house.  Worked great!  The squirrel won't stop sitting on the top of it though and it falls from the fence so I need to put a support under it so his fat little self won't weight it down!
This is my new front porch, I am loving it.  My handy man did a great job and his grandson worked with him this summer.

Below is a close up of the Spanish Grill work with Wisteria. 

 John and I live right next door to each other which makes it very handy to be a couple-ha!  He decided we needed a veggie garden between the yards and made this raised bed.  It has onions, shallots, leaf lettuce, Kale and even carrots in it!

 Below is my painting in the style of Bob Ross.  I love his style.  I did this one in about a half hour or so and John liked it so much that I gave it to him for his birthday July 16th.  I really need to paint more!

John watering our happy little garden.  Central NY has had very little rain this year so the plants are a little stunted in growth, poor babies!
And look at Nature's beautiful paintbrush on this Maple Leaf!!  So, so pretty.  I wish now I had tried to "hammer" the image onto a linen napkin before it dried out but I will try that next time for sure!!

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