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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello friends and followers!  So sorry that I have not been posting as I should.  Time has gotten away from me for many reasons and I am hoping to get back into my weekly posts.

Sharing from Design Peak this beautiful string of beaded flowers!   
So beautiful!  Click on the link for directions.

It reminded me of a candle or lampshade doily that I made years ago crocheting with pearls:

 I found the pattern on one of those free pattern clips near the yarn dept. in Walmart.  Just came across it again and will be making more, soooo pretty!

and one more idea for you today, doilies on candle holders:
 I had seen so many of these purchased doilies on Mason jars on line and loved the idea so used some vintage ones I had laying around and put them on jars I had in the cupboard.  The yellow candle I bought in the dollar store one time.  I later added a tied ribbon to each jar lip.  Just love the look!

Come back soon, thank you for visiting and please leave a comment to make my day!  Blessings  and happy crafting to you all!

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  1. That lampshade piece is sooooo pretty. Great use of the doilies too.


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