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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Painting Acrylic Roses and Flowers video share

David Jansen is a very talented artist and he just came out with a new video.  I subscribe to his site and so I am notified when he adds anything new.  I hope you enjoy this share and learn from it.  It is a long video but you can skip through some of the talking by moving the progress bar at the bottom.  ENJOY!

This is a still shot I took of my computer screen...

I have been crocheting white cotton dishcloths.  I saw one that was a granny square but then only worked on three sides to finish it and I really liked the look.
This was very easy to do:
I made a granny square and added one row of single crochet around it.  Then I added 4 rows of double crochet on 2 sides of the square.  Finished by another row of single crochet around the whole square edge.  (angle of photo does not show the perfect square shape.  The one shown in my previous post was taken by a cousin, the minute she saw it-ha!  I made this one in just a few minutes last night.

Thank you for visiting and do come again soon!  Hugs to all you fellow crafters out there!

My Krafty heart to yours...

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  1. thankyou for visiting today,
    This is such a great idea for dish cloths, the quilt in your header photo is beautiful, you are very multi talented!!


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