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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I Love making dishcloths!  Here are some new ideas for you who crochet.  I saw a picture of a granny square dish cloth and just loved it so made one to go with 2 others in white (love white, too!)  I use Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for these.
I started by making the granny square and double crocheting around it once.  Then I just added Dbl Cr rows on 3 sides until desired size was reached.  I then finished it off with a single crochet border.

 Now these beautiful soft dishcloths I bought at Walmart for only $2.00 for 4!  I plan to give them a lacy edge of crochet thread and will post when done.  Don't they just brighten your day??

My daughter Barbie made a ribbon windsock for me and I just love it!  I love seeing it every morning on the corner of the shed, so bright and pretty.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today and will come again soon!

Hugs from your old Krafter Kerrie:)

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  1. Those dishcloths are lovely as is the wind sock.


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