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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy String Egg Ornaments and painted eggs

My cousin posted this on Face Book this morning and got me right in the mood for Easter Crafts!  These eggs were made by wrapping string around slightly inflated balloons.  Use watered down paste or doily stiffener to adhere and then break the balloon when finished.  I love this idea and using pastel crochet #30 thread would make them so pretty!  Okay, and I just found out the original directions used pastel embroidery floss!  And instead of glue or doily stiffener, she used liquid starch that you can buy in the grocery store.  She also filled the balloon with a little water instead of inflating.

I also remembered that I used to make eggs of quilling paper by gluing curled shredded pastel paper to plastic eggs that open.  Cover each half and when dry, pull from plastic egg and glue the two paper deco halves together.  I am sorry I do not have a photo for you but I am sure you can do it without! And here are some ideas for that I found on line.  These are glued to styrofoam eggs:
They are quite beautiful, aren't they?

Lastly, I also made faux Ukranian tradition waxed and dyed eggs by painting a black background on a real blown egg and then painting design or flowers on them.  I do have a picture of ones I created in the last few years.

Eggs in my china cabinet, real blown eggs painted, ones ready to be painted and a Cardinal nest with eggs abandoned last year.

Painted eggs with acrylics on black background and then sprayed with lacquer. I apologize for the through the glass blurred photo.

A nice touch for Easter and Spring decor:  The Cardinal's nest with 2 whole and one broken egg.  This was abandoned last spring.  Notice how the nest is woven with brown pine needles and wide strands of weed grass.  So fascinating!
Okay, those are my shares for Spring and Easter crafting for now, have a wonderful day.  Please share your ideas with me, also and I will post them for you on here :)

My crafty heart to yours...


  1. Beautifully made.. I like the finished product..
    They would also look great for Christmas. :))
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.. :))

  2. How beautiful these eggs are ... all of them. I can see I'm going to enjoy visiting here. Have a nice weekend.


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