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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Craft Storage Bins

Good rainy Sunday afternoon to you!  A gentle spring rain is falling on the pond and a damp chill is in the air.... But I am cozy here in the den and just wanted to show you a storage find I purchased a few weeks ago.  Fabric storage bins that are collapsible!  They came 3 to a package for just $3.00 a pack.  I was tickled as baskets and storage bins that are attractive are so expensive.  

As you can see these are both attractive and roomy!  When I have cleaned out my craft stash and sorted materials, I will take another picture for you.  I hope your Sunday is blessed with every good thing.  God is good, life is good....

My crafty heart to yours...

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  1. They are really pretty and I love pretty storage things. You can never have too many storage boxes or bins.


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