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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kraft Notes...And Toile Valances

Good morning crafters!  Sorry for not posting for so long but hubby has been very ill for the last month with kidney failure.  It got down to only 10% and we were heading towards dialysis.  But we saw the kidney doc and a nutritionist at the hospital who gave him a kidney failure diet to follow and also recommended a nutrition drink specifically for patients with kidney failure.  Just two weeks after, another blood test showed marked improvement and his function increased 10% to everyone's surprise!  I can only conclude it was from prayers and the diet!!  We are so happy. 

Consequently, I have not worked on crafting and neither has hubby.  But now maybe we will get some projects going again.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.  I did make some Valances for our newly painted bedroom and pillow shams.  I used a beautiful fabric that is water and stain resistant.  I just looked at one of my old pillow cases to measure and sew the matching shams.  We were very pleased with the outcome.  Hubby spends a lot of time in the room and I wanted to brighten it up for him.

As you can see, I hung our finished lighhouse paintings on the walls and they look great against the blue!

Bill's is especially pretty as he has that dark patch of blue sky in his that blends so nicely with the blue walls.

Detail of Fabric

The fabric is pure white but this photo doesn't show the whiteness.  The pattern is children in blue playing, trees and has several scenes.  I love it!

  This is the corner window on my side of the bed.  We loved the open clean look with just the Valances so we did not put the sheers back up.

The lamps were purchased several years ago seperately but I already had painted them to match with the same design in blue, green and gold acrylic paint.

This picture of pieces of the fabric show more of the true color.  I am using the present quilt until my pinwheel quilt is completed.
   Thanks so much for visiting today and do come again soon!!  What are you crafting??


My crafty heart to yours...

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  1. Your Bedroom is so beautiful and I love how you decorated it. The toppers are so cute. I love toppers too and what a wonderful place to put yours and hubbys paintings. You both are so talented.


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