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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something from Nothing...Little Pink Book

Happy Pink Saturday to you!  What is Pink Saturday??  It is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and is celebrating 3 yrs. last month.  If you love Pink and you blog, all you have to do is post something you like on Saturdays and if you are not a blogger but just love to visit them, this is the place for you!  My pink Saturday offering today is this Little Pink Book I just made!
And this is how I made something from nothing....
I used Martha Stewart paint samples from the local Home Depot Store.
I glued 2 of them back to back for the cover and did the same for the back.  You know those cute little metal frames that you buy in the dollar store with vintage pictures of people you do not know but love?  I took the picture out of the frame and pasted it to the front of my little Pink Book.
Next I punched holes in my covers and found faded pink ribbon among my stash to lace the covers together with pages I made from Index cards....
I punched holes in the index cards.  Next I laced them together with the ribbon.
This is what the inside of the book looks like.
This is the back of my little book.  I loved these paint samples as they looked like leather.
Then I added a little embellishment with some flat half pearls that come on a tiny sheet and are already tacky. I also had these in my card making supplies but they are very inexpensive in the craft stores and Walmart.
And here is my finished Little Pink Book with 12 pages that I can write sentiments in or phone numbers or whatever!  I added the Christian saying from a teabag tag that I had. (my daughter gave me a whole box of green tea with
Bible sayings on them for Mother's Day)
I love it!
And the little frame??  I put Mama in it!
Thanks for coming and do come again.  I hope you enjoyed my Pink Saturday How-To.
My Krafty heart to yours...


  1. I adore this lovely and carefully created book!!!
    Just lovely!

  2. Oh my - is this ever precious. I've often liked the pictures that come with frames too. Great project!

  3. Kerrie, this is just the most adorable creation. I love it!

    Have a beautiful PS week.
    TTFN ~

  4. Oh, how talented you are. This is such a clever use of paint samples and the way you finished it off is lovely. You are just bursting over with great ideas. Hope you are having a lovely PS this weekend. G

  5. What a great idea for a little lovely book.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Happy Pink Saturday
    I love this for so many reasons.
    . love vintage
    . love books
    . love pink
    . love anything that is pretty
    . love when it is handmade
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    Need to become a Follower.

  7. Kerrie, I just can't believe I missed this! How pretty and creative! You are just so talented. :o) Thanks for sharing this great idea.



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