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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern...

I have wanted to make a pinwheel patterned quilt forever!  Even though I am still working on two larger quilts (Cathedral Window and a Yo-Yo Quilt), I was given a book with the pinwheel pattern in it just last week and had to start this lap quilt!!  I love the way it is coming out!
I did 3 blocks on  Sunday and three more yesterday!

This is how it looks today after ironing the seams and now having 6 blocks completed.

I just love the way it is turning out.  One thing I notice though when joining the blocks was that there is some irregularity in the sizes.  I am thinking it is because I did not pay strict attention to cutting on the bias??  Okay you very experienced and pro quilters, is this the reason?  My other quilts are sewn together by hand but this one is being done on my machine so I am noticing the difference.  My hand sewn quilts make it much easier to ease in the joining if there is a small discrepancy.  This Pinwheel pattern is so much fun to work with and the blocks are very large so it should work up quickly.  This will be a lap quilt size. 
   WE are still working on our lighthouse paintings and hope to be done soon.  We got to camp for a couple of days last week and away from cancer treatments--a joy!
  Thanks for coming and do come again,

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