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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


HI! Today I added several items to my Etsy shop.  The day is gloomy but sun is expected for the rest of the week though the weekend!  Yeah!

I have a dozen bundles of 3 left of the crocheted dishcloths and 5 kitchen towels with the crocheted hanger with button top.  These sure have been popular items!  The pine wood hand made candle holder was made by my hubby and is the first one of these that he has made and I just love it!  It will hold a tea candle as shown or a votive candle.  It has such clean lines and will go with any table setting.
I am selling the dishcloth bundles for only $3.00 a bundle plus postage now and the towels are only $4.50 but if you buy both it will be 7.00 for the set and you save! Also pay only one postage fee! I have a new blogger posted on my blogsites, and I hope you will visit her.  Designed by Delicia, wonderful home made cards and other goodies.  Check out by clicking her button on my Kerrie's Korner or Two Happy blogs.  Thanks for visiting and come again.

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  1. Lovely items, especially that wooden candle holder. It looks exquisite!

    Have a great evening and nice meeting you,
    Doris :-)


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