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Friday, March 8, 2013

 Centerpiece I created with my crocheted eggs, ceramic hen, raffia and a compote dish created from a bowl and candle base glued together.

I love the way it came out and it is on the food cart in my kitchen.

I also made another dish from a plate and candle base glued together that I found in a thrift store.  Any odd saucers you have will look great on candle bases of all kinds.  I used Jewelry/glass glue to join the bases to the plates.

I hope this has given you inspiration.  Bowl would be great with Easter goodies in it.  And the blue plate and base can still be used as a large candle holder for a pillar candle.  If you make one, please send pictures, I would love to see what you create!
My Krafty heart to yours...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crocheted Easter Eggs

 The perfect project for your yarn scraps: crocheted Easter Eggs. These look great in a basket, perfect for baby to play with and little ones to toss around.

I started with 3 chain and then joined, making 6 single crochet in the ring.  Adding rows increasing 1 stitch every other chain until the broadest part of the egg is formed.  Then I crocheted a couple of rows and started decreasing the next rows by single crocheting 2 chain at a time every other chain stitch until the tapered end of the egg was formed. Stuff the egg with fiber fill as you decrease the stitches.  Pull yarn through remaining 3 sts and pull end of yarn through egg.

These were so easy to make and a perfect little something for my great granddaughter Sofiah's Easter basket.  Washable and dryer safe.

Spring is coming for sure and I was thinking garlands and greeting cards.  I cut out Swallow shapes from colorful scrapbook papers and made garlands and greeting cards.

Cards with Swallows on them, ribbon bows and cut with scalloped craft scissors. 

I added sayings that I typed out on the computer and cut them out with the scalloped scissors also. 

Envelopes made from last year's Calendar pages-just fold and glue sides. 
Garland of Swallow cut outs glued to a ribbon for over doorways or across shelves, mantel, bedroom valances.  Thank you for coming and do visit again soon!  Leave a comment, I love reading them!

My Krafty heart to yours...