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Friday, December 6, 2013


I love this idea and had to share.  Melanie Landau Kerwin was kind enough to share this on Face Book.
This is a wonderful conversation starter as well as a gift!!

20 candy canes ...

Arranged as above
Tie them two by two facing each other,
You can hot glue a decoration to the center to keep the ends together

Glue small round ornaments to each set you tied.
Hang with ribbon.

One more:

I would love it if someone gave me one of the cane wreaths and I love the ribbon wreath idea! Ha!  I want to make some for gifts for sure!
If you have time to visit my Kerrie's Korner blog, you can see all the ideas for my handmade ornaments.  Thanks and come again!

My Krafty heart to yours...




  1. They are so cute. I think I will have to get me some candy canes and make one. Great project with the grandkids.

  2. Great ideas!! I love the candy canes.

  3. LOVE the candy cane wreath Kerrie!! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season!

  4. I have seen many different versions of wreaths, but not a candy cane. That is so neat and I love it.

  5. Very cute! Pinned to my I Love Wreaths board! Visiting from Pink Saturday...

  6. I really love this. Today I saw a wreath made from recycled sweaters. It was so lovely. I love candy canes so....this is so neat. Thank you Kerrie for sharing. Come visit soon. Hugs Anne


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