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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Wow!  Has it really been since May that I last posted???  I sold my home in SC and moved back to my hometown August 6th.  I bought a cute little 2 bedroom with small yard and love being back among friends and family here!  I waited a year and a half after losing my sweet Bill and still wanted to come back, so here I am.  Loving the Fall here in Central NY!  My sis-in-law gave me 2 well-worn, but good wicker chairs and a table to use on my patio.
I bought 2 cans of brown spray paint at the dollar store and spray-painted over their faded brown surfaces. Loved how they came out!

Next, I found 2 chair cushions on sale end of season in Walmart and a vinyl place mat to match and wah-lah! Love it!

I really love the way they came out!  I did not notice until taking these pictures that the backs of the chairs do not match-ha!  No matter...
And I finally got settled in enough to get out my sketch pad and have been sketching the gorgeous Fall leaves I pick up from the yard!

This will make a nice seasonal wall hanging when framed.  If you cannot draw, TRACE several leaves onto sketch paper.  You don't even need to put in the veins, just color with crayons or colored pencils like you did in elementary school and you will have a treasure for your wall, too!
So many crafts, so little time!!  Come back for more crafting!


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  2. I'm glad you are back among family and friends, Kerrie. Love the chairs!


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