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Sunday, November 18, 2012


MY WONDERFUL DAUGHTER IN-LAW, Laura Marquart, sent a surprise gift to me in the mail.  Like everyone else, I love getting things in the mail!  I must admit that I teared up when I opened this heavy little box to find:
 A wonderful selection of 4" quilting squares, all pre-cut!  And a very nice card, "Thinking of You".  I was so thrilled and am thinking of all the things I can do with these wonderful fabric squares in their colorful prints!

Lucky, Lucky me!  Thank you Laura!

Today was windy and cold with rain and many more pear leaves had fallen when I took the little Chi, Lilly out this morning.  So of course I made another colorful Rose!

As you can see, the roses are overtaking the kitchen cart-ha!  I am going to make a Christmas wreath with them and will be posting that as soon as I find a good form for the wreath. :)  The painting above is one I did when Bill and I spent a month of October on our home town lake, Owasco Lake Auburn,NY about 5 yrs. ago or more, and I painted it while he was out in the boat fishing.  It was so beautiful and now a happy memory...  Notice the flat Iron on the right of the table, it is vintage and I painted a cabin under a tree and cloudy blue sky on the metal with acrylics and it cheers me to see it.

Thanks for visiting today and I would love to see what you are crafting for Christmas/and/or Thanksgiving.  Send pictures!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings and family around.

My crafty heart to yours....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Onesie was a hit at the Shower

Good Morning!  Everyone loved the onesie I embellished and here is a picture of my Granddaughter Jessica when she opened:

And she also loved the hooded sweater that I knitted:

I did not get the afghan finished but that's okay, it will be done soon.  
This is called "Jamie" stitch and I have been making baby blankets and afghans for years with it.  It came on a skein of yarn. 
At the shower, we played a game where we had to guess the size of Jessica's waist by cutting off the length of yarn and afterwards her friend gave me the skein to make booties - ha!  Fun!  My daughter wanted to make a back drop for the shower where Jessica would sit.  She wove pink and White crepe paper and tacked it to the wall, it was perfect!

all in all, a huge success.  Here is a picture of the Mommy and Daddy, Christopher, to be:
I hope you enjoyed my share today, thanks for coming and come back again soon!
My Krafty heart to yours...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Embellishing a Onesie

I embellished this long sleeve onesie for my great granddaughter to be (January).  Her baby shower is tomorrow and I cannot wait.  I finished the hooded sweater I knitted and have some purchased outfits, too.  My granddaughter requested that in place of cards for each person to bring a baby book and put their own personal message inside.  I loved that idea and found a first picture book/reader today.

The neck embellishment is a ruffle I made from soft flannel and the removable skirt is made of eyelet.  I strung a ribbon through the waist so that it is removable and can be used with other onesies.  I was so pleased the way it came out!  

Adding a picture of my little Rose Bush that is still blooming for pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.  To see more pinks just click on the link.  And if you would like to join in the Pink Saturday fun, you can link at the very bottom of today's How Sweet the Sound post :)
 This rose is still blooming and is so beautiful.

Thanks for visiting and come again soon!
      Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour when you go to bed Saturday eve or when you get up Sunday morning.
 My krafty heart to yours...